Far-right groups and anti-immigration extremists in Finland and Europe flirt with fascism

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By Enrique Tessieri

When far-right groups and anti-immigration extremists flirt with fascism nothing good can ever come out of it. Even if it sounds incredible, we have in Finland our own holocaust deniers and those who claim the Nuremberg Trials were  a farce.    

Has Perussuomalaiset MP Jussi Halla-aho, Olli Immonen, Juho Eerola and his aide Ulla Pyysalo as well as Kotka councilman Freddy Van Wonterghem ever seen war? I don’t mean playing a Playstation 3 war game or seeing a war movie, but suffering and witnessing the real thing?

When politicians make statements denying or playing down the Holocaust, state that the the Nuremberg Trials [see Natsi-Saksasta] were “a farce,” or openly admit they like Benito Mussolini and fascism, they are breathing life back to a beast that can terrorize Europe again.

Even if the fascism they like is different from the one we saw in the 1930s, it is the same ogre but in twenty-first century garb. The scapegoats and enemies may have changed, for example Muslims today and Jews before, but it is the same beast.

Rudolf Hoess, the Auschwitz commandant during 1940-43,  justified the death of an estimated 2.5 million with the following quote:  “I had my personal orders from [Heinrich] Himmler [to exterminate Jews]…Not justified [to exterminate so many people] – but Himmler told me that if the Jews were not exterminated at that time, then the German people would be exterminated for all time by the Jews.”

But there is a far bigger question that Auschwitz doesn’t answer right away: Does that type of systematic mass murder that took place there reveal the dark side of the Nazis or something worrying about us?  Do we all have the potential as a group to become mass murderers?

If we look at the former Soviet Union under Stalin, the systematic genocide committed against Amerindians by white Europeans, the terror that reigned under the Pol Pot regime of Kampuchea, China under Mao Tse Tsung, the slave trade and European colonization of Africa  as well as many other cases, they prove beyond any doubt that we are capable of  barbaric deeds.

It makes no sense to spread hatred and attack and victimize other human beings and groups. If you disagree you need to reread your history again, and again, and again.

The author at the gate of the Auschwitz concentration camp where it reads Arbei Macht Frei, “Work Makes (One) Free.” 

 Some 400,000 Hungarian Jews were exterminated in spring 1944 at Birkenau, or Auschwitz 2.

 The shoes of the victims that ended up in Auschwitz’ gas chambers.  

  1. D4R

    I’m affraid the beast has been released already, now people must think how to stop the beast before it starts it’s destruction.again.

  2. I am

    Hi Enrique,
    Hi and peace to the world,Peace to Finland, i love u Finland u r a land that GOD craeted so pretty with forests and rivers,……Thanks to GOD, i love u Finn please give me a hug and listen to my tears,I miss my family face.

    And to all, foreigners, Finns and immigrants hi, hi, hi
    A terrorist can kill a body, a terrorist can kill ur mind slowly slowly, a terrorist can keep u in a nightmare, my life is a nightmare here, am not living am just trying to be alive.
    A terrorist has different ways for improve his/her ways, even a terrorist has talents, so be careful please dear human becareful, dont let terrorist hunts u.
    Racist is what did hunted me here, racist is terrorist , it can comes from an immigrant, a Finn a foreigner but whats important is racist is dangerous and works very quiet and silent.

    To PS, hi, yes hi, dont be wonder about my hi, we r ONE
    I dont believe that u r beautiful than me, but i believe that my blood and yours is RED please attention its RED, so again we r ONE.
    If u dont believe that am able to talk and have brain, heart, just try for it and let me talk, if u need ur family around u, me too.
    Life is what am here for on this earth please dont make it hard and harder for me, Bless to u PS we r all human beings, am living in this society so we r one big family, if u dont accept me, what benefit has for u???? For me has pain, but for me has pain,..
    Peace to u, me and all

    My best regards to Enrique who is a free man with a free voice

  3. Foreigner

    Surprising how there is no mention in this narrative of the greatest atrocity of them all; THE SLAVE TRADE! Hundreds of thousands perished under slavery; let’s not forget that!

    • Migrant Tales

      Hi foreigner and I apologize for that. It has been added to the story. Would you like to contribute something on that topic to Migrant Tales?

  4. eyeopener

    Dear Foreigner.

    In my honest opinion SLAVE TRADE has been the oldest trade ever or it must have been prostitution. Committed by all peoples of the world. See Bernstein’s The Explendid Exchange.

    The best known evidence is from the WHITE MAN’s trade which is very well documented. Nevertheless there are a lot of peoples that are carrying a lot of butter on their heads when pointing at the Western World.

    Having said this I do not support any degradation of the responsibility of the WHITE MAN’s trade. On the contrary.

    What’s amazing in these documentations is the role of Churches. Unbelievable how these organizations have turned themselves from opponents into supporters of INHUMANITY.

    This “turn-around” has very much contributed to the belief that racism, sexism and many other isms is acceptable and therefore is allowed to exist. You should read Martin Luther’s racist explanation of the “infidels” of those days. Really amazing!! Also the reply of the Catholic Church. Not so much different.

    If you may think that those people then were “ignorant”, then what about the silence or defamation of sexism, homosexuality, racism nowadays. Does history in the future have to make the conclusion that “nowadays society” is ignorant? Interesting foresight don’t you think??

  5. Ronaldinho

    Migrant Tales

    Wouldn’t it be better to look into the presence? Modern time slavery in the multicultural UK, where bigamy and polygamy is allowed. Rising nr of forced- and childmarriages.

    • Migrant Tales

      Hi Ronaldinho, good suggestion and we do that all the time. Let’s not forget to put things in perspective: an estimated 60 million died in WW2. If you have politicians who are flirting with the same things that brought us the horrors of WW2, we should write about that.

      When you mention “modern times” I guess the UN Declaration of Human Rights is one benchmark to go by. Would you like to tell us some issues that concern you a lot about our ever-culturally diverse society?

  6. eyeopener


    You do not play the your game so well. The real Rinaldinho plays a fair game.

    Bigamy and polygamy are criminal offenses according to many Western legal systems. Not in others. These systems are based on a long history of legal scientific reasoning.

    Are you the Master of the Universe to decide which system is better??

    Child-marriage tells more about the mentality of the adult population than the law-system itself. Let’s not forget that the largest child ponography rings exist in the Western World as much as child abuses appear to be committed by Westerners.

    Nevertheless, it should be considered that child-marriage is a phenomenon that must be dealt with for the sake of children growing up in a dignified world. That will take time.

    The boundary with forced marriage is very slim. In the Westrn World we depart from the right of decision making by the individual. Ever heard of mental coercion. Sitiuations in which parents do not allow their children to marry their partners or force them by mental coercion, group cohesion etc. to marry a candidate. This is as old as the world is.!!

    Don’t be the MORAL MASTER.

    I do agree with you that these matters need careful approaches. I disagree with you on simple and fast solutions.

    Read Khaled Hosseini’s A 1000 Splendid Suns. For quick and fast solutions. Eyeopener!!

  7. BlandaUpp

    Yes Ronaldinho, Abrahamic faiths share very abhorent traditions, modern slavery in the UK is a problem like this story shows and before you assume, no, it didn’t involve Muslims:

    “British authorities recently rescued 24 men that they said were kept as slaves – some for as long as 15 years. The men, from England and parts of Eastern Europe, are “all believed to be victims of slavery,””


  8. Ronaldinho

    Migrant Tales

    ”Modern times” was how David Cameron said it.

    Those are mainly muslim activities. Nearly 500 child-marriages, nearly 1600 forced-marriages were regognized during 2011 in Britain where the vast majority of the cases go unreported.

    Britain gives social benefits to the multiple wives.

    So how do you stop this? Well, it is a question that is hard to answer.

    • Migrant Tales

      Ronaldinho, I don’t have much trust in David Cameron in understanding the dynamics of things. Multiculturalism in Britain has helped the country to remain a United Kingdom with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Multiculturalism was important as well in keeping Quebec a part of Canada.

      I believe that England has good laws to deal with its cultural diversity. Even so, we must put things in perspective. Can you stigmatize a whole group? The numbers that you show here are a drop in the bucket. In all societies we have problems. None of them are perfect. We should, however, strive to make our societies as just and fair as possible for everyone. This includes especially children and women.

  9. Ronaldinho


    I do not know what you mean by ”Let’s not forget that the largest child ponography rings exist in the Western World as much as child abuses appear to be committed by Westerners. ”

    Pakistan is the biggest consumer of online child porn.

    I didn’t ask your opinion, it looks like I am not interested in them either. Feel free to focus on the past but people should not count on your support when they need it, to solve the problems that exist.

  10. eyeopener

    Hi Ronaldinho.

    You didnot go into the matter of careful approach.

    “Those are MAINLY Muslim activities”?? Who else do you mean??

    “Forced-marriages” should be conceptualized. A legal approach would help here only the ignorant people.

    Research has shown very clearly that a lot of people (all walks of life, all “races” etc.) don’t see “mental coercion” as interference in personal decision-making.

    If Britain allows social security for poligamic families then I am very positive about this “mental flexibility” and “cultural intelligence” of the British people at large. I see that some education in cultural competence for you is necessary

    CIPD (www.cipd.co.uk) can provide some interesting and eyeopening courses for you!!

  11. Ronaldinho

    an anti-slavery act has been legislated.

    Well, if you don’t believe Cameron then don’t believe him. He is not running after one single incident, that was a summary of 2011.

    Adios amigos, too bad that I mentioned Cameron’s name. I was clearly declared an idiot.

  12. eyeopener


    Idiocy is a psychiatric term that can only be applied after careful examination. We are no psychiaters.

    But we know how to read blogs, messages etc. Espacially those that are written with hidden assumptions, false statements, “throw everything on one pile” etc.

    However, slavery is a concept that -certainly from a legal conceptualization- differ from forced marriage (UN declaration on Human Rights) and child marriage isn’t it? Unless you want to define slavery differently. A simple statement from Wikipedia doesnot change facts. For that YOU must come up with far more solid evidence.

    Scientifically you are free to do so. Nevertheless you have to explain you concept definition and its operationalization to the public. Good solid research and evidencing. That’s how statements are made to the publc. Blablablabla doesn’t help you here.

    Cameron is just one person. He doesnot make what the world is all about. Summaries do not matter unless they are scientifically scrutinized against other data.

    But follow the herd is very simple. The herd is always right!! Where have I heard this before??

  13. D4R

    Did the news say the Largest criminals in Filand are Russians then comes Estonians and then lastly Romany gypsies, ok. i just want tyo ask you all, have you ever guys heard Jussi halla aho mentioning Russians or Estonians? why is’t all he mentions are Iraqis or Somalis?
    doesnt that say alot about the facts him being a racist? think about it.

  14. D4R

    Sasu: D4R Olen itketsin huomannut tuon ja eikö se todistakin, että maahanmuutto keskustelu on osittain motivoitu rodulla. Maahanmuuttokriitikot ovat rodullistaneet maahanmuuton.

    Kyllä, vain tyhmä ei näe mistä koko maahanmuuttokeskustelusta on kyse.

  15. D4R

    Sasu, toi sinun blogisi oli just siitä mitä mä on aina ihmetellyt, siitä että miksi hyökkäykset kohdistuvat meihin somaleihin, kun meitä on tosi vähän marginaalistesti, ja me ei olla mitenkään uhka katukuvassa tai missään muodossa, päinvastoin, Venäläiset tai Virolaiset jatkuvasta ovat yliedustettuina rikostilastoissa, he ryöstävät kioskeja ja kultaliikkeitä vieden miljoonien edestä rahaa kotimaihinsa, salakuljettavat huumeita maahan, ajavat prostituutio ringejä ympäri maata jne jne, mutta mutta, Perussuomalaiselta et kuule heidän mainitesevan kyseisiä kansalaisia tai herra Jussi halla aho. Jos syy ei ole rodusta kyse niin mistä? onko ihmiset sokeita tämän asian suhteen.

  16. BlandaUpp

    You bring up an important point D4R!

    The PS politicians love to push their anti-Islam narrative when the things they complain about like Hakkarainen’s noise from minarets argument don’t apply to Finland. In the PS, and in the minds of their voters, every time they mention crime done by “foreigners”, they think it’s Muslim or Black people when in reality the statistics prove otherwise.

    Nobody in mainstream media calls them out on this bullshit.

  17. D4R

    Blandupp: D4R Olen itketsin huomannut tuon ja eikö se todistakin, että maahanmuutto keskustelu on osittain motivoitu rodulla. Maahanmuuttokriitikot ovat rodullistaneet maahanmuuton.

    True say.

  18. D4R

    BlandaUpp: You bring up an important point D4R!

    The PS politicians love to push their anti-Islam narrative when the things they complain about like Hakkarainen’s noise from minarets argument don’t apply to Finland. In the PS, and in the minds of their voters, every time they mention crime done by “foreigners”, they think it’s Muslim or Black people when in reality the statistics prove otherwise.

    Nobody in mainstream media calls them out on this bullshit.

    True Say.

  19. justicedemon


    Britain gives social benefits to the multiple wives.

    This is a puzzling claim, as the only “benefit” paid to a “wife” as such is the pension payable to a surviving spouse. To my knowledge, this can only ever be paid to one claimant.

    Child benefits are also paid to the extent that a household with children is unable to attain a certain basic standard of subsistence, but marriage is strictly irrelevant to this. What matters is that the parents or guardians, married or otherwise, are unable to provide that standard of subsistence. This benefit cannot be withheld unless the UK is willing to withdraw from certain international legal instruments that seek to eradicate child poverty.

    Do you have any evidence at all that the social welfare system of the United Kingdom pays any less to an unmarried single mother of a child whose father is unknown than to the second wife of a known Moslem father who is unable to pay child support?

    What is genuinely interesting is whether any social security system recognises the Islamic duty of other relatives to assume liability for child support on the death of a parent. Should the wealthy brother of a deceased Moslem father be held liable for supporting his nephews and nieces (e.g. by second or subsequent Islamic marriages of the deceased) without formally adopting them, or should the State consider these orphans destitute and accordingly eligible for support? In an extreme case we might find that kids who are dropped off at school in a Rolls Royce every morning are eligible for free school meals because the State is unwilling to recognise the openly declared facts of the case.

  20. Foreigner

    Know that it was a genuine oversight on your part Enrique,and I harbour no hard feelings!Apology accepted, and I might take you up on your offer in the future, when there are no more pressing matters to address, like the PS and the caustic state of affairs between immigrants and some Finns.