Fan or hate mail to Migrant Tales

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Whenever I get fan or hate mail, I wonder why they never sign them with their names. I normally don’t publish hate mail but this will be an exception. The one below is by KKK Molly, at least it is what’s on her email address. I wonder what “KKK” stand for? Ku Klux Klan, maybe?

Why are you here exactly? Nobody is forcing you to live in Finland or anywhere else in Scandanavia. If you don’t like “racism”, there is a quite simple solution: Leave. In every single one of your articles you express the most brazen form of foreign entitlement to somebody else’s country i’ve ever seen. You have the erroneous believe you have the inherent right to White people’s hospitality and social welfare as if it has been bestowed upon you by God himself, and that indigenous Finns and other indigenous Scandanavians are obligated by some invisible mandate to give you the fruits of their labor and treat you as superiors.

 You come in and DEMAND that you be given special privileges and protection at the EXPENSE of the native population. What if you invited somebody into your house and they started making demands and acting like it’s their house now – I’m sure you would be more than displeased. Not an inch of gratitude from non-White foreigners, never a for “We appreciate your hospitality” it’s always “You’re not doing enough for ME” from you sand niggers. 

Come here and act like you own the place – And you wonder why the indigenous population doesn’t like you. It’s never your fault – It’s always “White racism” which in your minds, exists for no reason other than white people being inherently evil. 

We hear many slogans from you people: “Dismantle whiteness” “We deserve more rights” “We have a right to live in White countries” but NEVER ONCE have we ever heard “Thank you”. 

You are little more than entitled colonizers. You have a homeland to go back to. If Finns and other scandanavians become a minority in our own lands, we have nowhere to flee. 

Keep making demands. Keep pushing until we’re against the wall and have no choice but to send you all straight to hell.