Facebook Zimema Mhone: Clarification on why “I am cheaper”

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Migrant Tales insight: Zimema Mhone has done some stories for us and he now posted something on Facebook that too many foreigners and minorities face in Finland. Did you know that nationally in 2014 foreigners earned 27.3% less at 21,479 euros/year compared with 29,550 euros, according to Pasi Saukkonen. In Helsinki, the gap was even higher at 38.5%: 36 239 euros versus 22 286 euro. 

Add to the above the fact that unemployment, in general, is 2-3 times higher than nationally, and a pretty distressing picture emerges. Mhone states: “I am cheaper because I am foreign.”

We hear you loud and clear. The problem is that Finland’s fragmented anti-discrimination bodies aren’t and cannot do enough to change the situation.

Migrants and minorities, together with sensible white Finns, must change matters.


Read original Facebook posting here.


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