Facebook: “We won’t send you back to a hell called Iraq,” writes Kerstin Ögård

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Hi guys

I just had this thought that to do something about our “murderer-government” (:D :D) we really need you Iraqi people to not work against each other. There is so much suspicion and lies and mistrust…some people working together with OUR government(??), giving them information just so people save their own asses—guys, this country does not work that way! 🙂 ( I understand everybody just do what you need to do, to stay safe..I am not judging, I understand this…)

Here in Finland we had a civil war in 1918. The Reds, the peasants and poor people, were fighting the Whites, the upper class. The Whites won, but it did change the country; the Reds got better situation, got to own their own land, after the civil war.  It left deep wounds though. And these wounds finally only healed during the Second World War, when Finnish people had to unite to fight the Russians. My father, who is born 1938, still calls the Civil War of 1918 ”a revolutionary war.” I told him it was not a revolutionary war but but a civil war, brother against brother.

Life in Finland is so different from Iraq…here we feel safe. I don’t have to mistrust people, I don’t have to check for suspicious cars overtaking me on the motorway, I don’t have to be afraid that someone will contact me just to milk me information that they want to misuse…I can trust people and feel safe.

We Finnish people who have got to know you… we see these young people, mostly 20-30 year old guys, who should be living a nice easy life, who should be able to have normal life, studying, working, having families or girlfriends, partying, living a good life, feeling safe… we know what your reality is in Iraq, and we are NOT accepting it that our government is sending you back to that hell. Especially us, the women, who have got to know you.. who now feel we are your friends, your sisters, your lovers, and your mothers… we will NOT allow our sick government to do this to you.

Just wanted you guys to know that.

Wishing everyone a lovely day with lots of sunshine.

Sending everybody lots of love.

This Facebook posting was reposted with permission.

مرحبا شباب
لدي هذه الفكرة لعمل شي حيال حكومتنا العنصرية .. يجب على العراقيين ان يتحدوا معاً لاجل تحسين الاوضاع هنا … يجب انت تتحدوا معا ضد حكومتنا وليس ضد بعضكم البعض .. يجب ان تتخطوا مشاكلكم الشخصية وعدم الوقوف مع الحكومة ضد اخوانكم لاجل انقاذ انفسكم .. هذه الطريقة لا تعمل هنا فنلندا …
هنا في فنلندا في سنة 1917 حصلت حرب اهلية بين جماعة البيض وجماعة الحمر وانتهت بالكثير من المشاكل والكره ولم تنتهي هذه المشاكل الا في الحرب العامية الثانية عندما توحد الشعب الفلندي عامة ضد الحكومة الروسية
الحياة هنا في فلندا مختلفة عن العراق هنا يممكني العيش بامان وبدون الخوف من اي شيء او اي احد
نحن الفنلدين اللذين حصلنا على الفرصة لمقابلتكم . لقد رأينا انكم شباب اكثركم من عمر ال 20 الى 30 ويجب ان تحصلو على حياة سهلة وآمنة يجب ان يكون بإمكانكم الدراسة او العمل او فعل اي شيء تريدون … نحن نعلم حقيقة العراق ونحن لا نقبل من حكومتنا ان ترسلكم الى العراق خاصة نحن النساء اللذين عرفناكم . اللذين شعرنا الان اننا اصدقاء لكم او اخوات او احباب او امهات .. نحن لن نقبل من حكومتنا المريضة ان تفعل هذا بكم
فقط اردتكم ان تعرفوا هذا
اتمنى لكم يوما جميلا
حبي لكم