Facebook Tiina Wiik: Deflecting and trolling. She should know that foreigners can be racists, too.

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Tiina Wiik is the wife or girlfriend of Junes Lokka, a Moroccan native and Oulu city councilperson who has been convicted of ethnic agitation among other things. She claims in the tweet below that the death threat sent to Abdirahim Husu Hussein could not be written by a native Finn but by a Somali due to the grammatical errors.

So? Migrants can have racist prejudices in the same way as white Finns. She should know.

It doesn’t matter if the person who wrote the death threat is a white Finns or not. What matters is our reaction to such hate.

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      A native, in English, means a person born in the country. You are a native Finn but you are NOT a part of an indigenous group like the Saami.