Facebook Soldiers of Odin: Asylum seeker and migrant hunting season have kicked off…

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Far-right vigilante group Soldiers of Odin want to take the law in their hands by hunting pedophiles. After a bla-bla-bla Finnish macho rant, one of the vigilante members takes a club and starts threatening suspected “paedophiles,” which is a word used to mean asylum seekers. The masked vigilante warns in the video: “Pedophiles and raunchy [asylum seekers/migrants?] hey, welcome to dating with us, we guarantee that dating is memorable! And hey, don’t worry, we don’t call the police. [Then the speaker approaches the camera in a threatening manner with a club in his hand].”

Remember when these types of vigilante groups started to appear in Finland in 2016? One of the conditions that the police gave to such vigilante groups was that they cannot take the law in their hands.

It is not the first time that the Soldiers of Odin have used weapons in their posts.

I have notified Facebook administrators about this post that encourages violence.

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