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There are some disturbing reports that have emerged in the media about how some asylum seekers in Finland are getting a hostile reception. Trish Pääkkönen gives us a taste of what she went through when she tried to help a group of refugees at the the Helsinki and Espoo police stations.

She writes:

Fast forward: Espoo Police Station

Upon arrival, there were not any refugees waiting to be processed. Instead of immediately taking them, I was asked to follow a large group of police officers and staff to a room behind a locked barrier.

I was then grilled about how “did I know these people?”, ” why would I help strangers?” , ” did I help transport them into Finland? “……I told them I could not turn a blind eye to people in need and asked if I had broken any Finnish laws by showing them where to register as refugees and get help.

But what can those refugees that arrive now expect if the government is not showing any leadership concerning the crisis and instead erects high walls around this country so they don’t come here?

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This Facebook posting was reprinted by Migrant Tales with permission.

  1. PS voter

    I have heard that they have more resources to take care of these people in Sweden. They should stay there as Sweden is bigger country and with much better economy. We are full and cannot cope with so many refugee seekers as the economy is collapsing.

    • BlandaUpp

      @PS voter, According to YLE, they come here because processing times are much shorter than in Sweden where it could take 2 years before a decision is made. We also aren’t full and refugees didn’t cause the economy to collapse.

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