Facebook Nuor Dawood: Cracks in the system and signs of Finnish police brutality

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Migrant Tales insight: We publish in our blog community a lot of stories about those “voices whose views and situation are understood poorly and heard faintly by the media, politicians and public.” Some of these voices, on occasion, are of asylum seekers who have been allegedly beaten by the Finnish police.

The case below published in Facebook is one such case but there are others. We not only need proof but but a thorough investigation in to the matter.

One such case that Migrant Tales reported last year was about an asylum seeker who was picked up by the police at the Helsinki Railway Station. He was escorted to the squad car and taken to an abandoned area near Espoo. The asylum seeker claims that the police beat him, took his money, which he had a lot of on him, and his cellphone.

Upon being released and after the incident and hoping to get help from the police, the asylum seeker saw a police car from the distance and waved to stop it. It was his bad luck that in the car were the same two police officers that had beaten, stolen his money and cellphone. He was then taken to the police station and locked up in a cell and released the following day.

The asylum seeker met an interpreter by chance who gave him the name of a lawyer. The lawyer and interpreter went to the police to file a complaint about what had happened to him. The interpreter was allegedly told to keep his nose out of the case because it would mean trouble for him.

Is this story true or not? We don’t know but it raises a lot of questions.

Another story about a beating of an asylum seeker was published in Facebook below. 

See original posting on Facebook here.

More pictures of the asylum seeker who was allegedly beaten by the police.

  1. Finland is a hateful country

    Finnish police is a psycho in soul and body, they are ready to catch a refugee, they beaten me too, they insulted me too, they sent me to jail and prison with no reason just because they hate refugees, i have been in a very cold jail and they beaten me inside jail too ! they take whatever you have, mobile, bag, and even your jacket and shoes AND SOCKS… they will keep you in jail, will call you bad names, and there wont be anything except cold walls, not even water, and you have no mobile to call and ask for help to your family or a friend ! IS THAT LEGAL? FINALDN IS A RACIST COUNTRY , NO DOUBT !

    This stories on face book and from refugees are all true, i do believe them all. Finnish police is racist, fascist, sick and wild and terrorist !

    They are work less, they have nothing to do, except sitting in police cars and watching city over and over, they are hungry for exciting, they are bore. and what about court and law in Finland? judges, they all support polices, that is why police can do what ever they want. if you complain to court, they will make a court against yours and judge will write down a big penalty for you not for racists polices !

    Finland is a big trap for refugees !

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