Facebook (Leif Hagert): Harassing a minority of a small Finnish town

by , under Migrant Tales

In the world’s happiest country, the ugly face of racism can show itself. This post by a young woman called Laura Elisabeth of the Romany minority is shameful and should never happen in our country.

I hope the perpetrators get caught and feel the full weight of the law fall on them.

“I have already reported the matter to the police, but I want to share it here too. I am a 19-year-old girl from Lapua [in the western Finnish region of Southern Ostrobothnia], and I am shocked that this can happen in my neighborhood. Last night, between Friday and Saturday last week, I was walking home from the train station with my luggage. A large group of young boys drove towards me [menacingly] at such a high speed that I almost got run over. I had to get out of the way [of the approaching car] and leave my luggage there. They then surrounded me with their vehicles and robbed me. They followed me to my front yard and continued to harass me further by coming under my balcony in the middle of the night, beeping [their horns], shouting [derrogatory names like Gypsy, etc.], and throwing rubbish. It was also a nuisance to the elderly people living in the same block of flats. I have also lived in big cities, and nothing like this has ever happened to me. I hope parents who recognize their children’s cars from the picture will come forward and contact me. What happened should not happen. Everyone has the right to walk down the street feeling safe regardless of ethnic background.