Facebook: Hello new government, goodbye to the Finland we knew

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So here are the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* ministers: Timo Soini (foreign minister), Jussi Niinistö (defense minister), Jari Lindström (labor and justice minister), and Hanna Mäntylä (social affairs and health minister).

Two words can describe all four of them: anti-immigration and nationalistic. When you combine these two matters you get scapegoating, suspicion, “us” versus “them” to name a few.

Parties like the PS that base their policies by attacking certain immigrant groups that live in this country as residents are washing their hands, and showing their failures in addressing rising poverty and social inequality. They do so by opportunistically blaming migrants for the country’s problems.

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The Finnish name of the Finns Party is the Perussuomalaiset (PS). The English names adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We therefore prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings.



  1. MattiR2106

    Are you denying that Finns can also be proud of their achievements and wish to guard their country. I’ve been to several Hispanic countries where the ‘orgullo’ and machismo runs amok and no one coming to these countries are putting up a fuss about it…. ’cause we’d be told to get lost….. We Finns, though, are not/not allowed that privilege in our own land according to you whiners…. You know what I do when I’m in a country where ‘gringos’ are not much appreciated …. I leave… If you’re so convinced that you are not wanted or appreciated by the host country…. why do you insist on staying??…. Must be something keeping you here…. couldn’t be the soft ‘benefits & welfare’ which has been bought and paid for with hard work and blood by my parents and others….. I don’t deny that we Finns can be an ornery bunch… I suffer from it at times when I’m in the old country, but it’s what has kept us from not being crushed by the Swedes or Russians… Ei kukaan piru meitä kestä….. Lähde helvettiin jos et viihdy…. Should we have a set table, wine with accompanying violinists when you grace us (Finland) with your presence… You do not like us and our ways….. Then fuck off….

    • Migrant Tales

      What am I supposed to make of your comment MattiR2016? In the first place are you speaking to me, as a Finn, or to some abstract person(s). It looks more like you’re the whiner here blaming YOUR problems on the Swedes and Russians. But this is expected. Could you give us some real solutions, real answers, to the problems this country is facing.

      Please get angrier and please use more the kind of language you did so we can see who you are.

    • MattiR2106

      I’m not blaming history … it is what it is …. and it is your history (whatever that may be) is what has determined your coming to Finland…..I simply wonder why you stay in Finland when you are obviously so unhappy with your hosts. Being an immigrant myself gives me every right to subject you, the whining immigrant/or economic refugee, to some interrogation as to your motives for being in Finland. My use of language is to describe to you and any other reader how many a visitor to your source countries are treated…. and you bring your culture with you…. However, I suspect that SUPO knows who you are…. so!…. tread lightly…

    • Migrant Tales

      Oh, so you are speaking to me? When you started with all this stuff about being a foreigner it was difficult to grasp if you meant me. Why did you come here, Matti? Why did your parents, grandparents or great great grandparents come here. In your family too there are immigrants, who came here or emigrated together with over 1.2 million Finns during 1860-1999. Since you are speaking to me what gives you the right to tell me that I have to leave? So Supo knows me…Are you threatening me?

    • MattiR2106

      You should read your own posts….. You appear to demand some sort of regal acceptance…. Why do you think you’re entitled to anything more than the opportunity to make your own living…. It would appear that your ‘raison d’être’ is to complain about your situation here in Finland but use the ‘motherhood’ issue …’on behalf of…’ Yet, not once, have I heard what would make you happy…. Let’s assume that it’s klo 8 tomorrow morning and with magic wand in hand…. what would make your ‘Finnish’ experience a wonderful experience??…..According to your own assertion…. you’ve been here a long time…. if it’s so terrible why do you continue to: miksi hakkaat päätäsi karjalan mäntyyn?? Tuntuu paremmalta kun lopetat…. eikös???

    • Migrant Tales

      Matti, your parents didn’t treat you any manners. You don’t go around demanding people to leave Finland. Mitä minä teen Suomessa on MINUN asia eikä kuuluu sinulle. The first thing I suggest is you take a course in etiquette and social graces. That would help you a lot in understanding the world you live in. Tämä keskustelu sinun kanssa on nyt päättynyt.

    • MattiR2106

      The way you speak about Finland, the Finns and their choices in a democratic process expose you and your motives…. and I have every right to cast aspersions on your opinions and motives…. You’re in a civilized nation where democracy is practised as best as it can be…. (it’s a messy system till you come up with something better…) … I can bet that if I were in say ….. Argentina (!!??) and blogged about the powers that be in the same fashion you do…. the consequences would be somewhat more dramatic…. AND you continue to crap on Finland, Finns and our ways…. and have the gall to talk about my lack of social graces…Who the fuck do you think you are…. ??? I’m not saying we’re perfect but we certainly don’t need the likes of you to continually play the same tune about how your hosts are deficient…. I’ve been to Argentina….nice place to visit, nice place to leave…..

  2. steve

    Well, I guess your view didn’t come as a big surprise for those, who have followed your thoughts for awhile. But I bet there is still room for your pessimism in the new Finland also 😉