Facebook: Don’t let the Finnish government and Migri get you down, says Kerstin Ösgård

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Kerstin Ösård

Everybody here, my friends in the Iraqi community, feel so down these days about this country’s crazy asylum policy and Migri’s stupidity. I just want all you to know that we are many Finnish people who work very hard to change the situation because we simply cannot accept how our country treats you.

We could today have 30,000 happy former refugees here, who would now work,  study, feel safe, hope for the future, and who would be part of our country and contribute as tax-payers thanks to innovation and new businesses. Instead, we have 20,000 angry, tired, desperate refugees, who live in fear and pressure, and who have come to hate this country.  Everybody can clearly see now that this country’s policies towards refugees is a total disaster, and that everybody, both Finns and refugees, suffer from it. The present situation doesn’t make anybody, including the racists, happier or create wellbeing. It only leads to tension and increased negativity and hatred. It’s a total failure. We have to help the government to see that.

The government and Migri are breaching international laws and undermining humanitarian values… I hope Finns wake up to see that the biggest security threat to our country at the moment aren’t foreigners, but this country’s ridiculous fear-based caveman-like government policies, and those angry racists who spread fear and hatred when there is no need for it. They live in some weird bubble where they believe that Arab people are rapists, criminals and terrorists , which is, of course, completely untrue. I feel so sorry for some Finns who don’t know that reality is much more positive, friendly and nice, than the one they see in their minds  and clouds their decisions.

I hope we could all contribute in creating a better atmosphere than the one we live in today… We need some good and relaxed vibes  to counteract and disarm fear-mongering, but we also need to stand up and protest loudly, flood the media and social media with a different narrative in order to find other smart and creative ways to change the present state of things and provide an alternative path on how to move forward. Give Finns some positive pictures to believe in. If you want, you can join or help organizations like the Right to live,  We see you, and others, or even create your own association as many of you have done. Remember to be supportive, strengthen and inspire others.  Together we are strong.

I know that many people feel like giving up and just want to escape to Europe, or go to France or Germany. Even so, I want you to know that we are trying to change things in Finland.  There are networks being created that give accommodation and help those who are undocumented migrants. We want you to be able to stay here, if you want, and help challenge and change our country’s  unjust policies. Quite frankly, sometimes I ust cannot put up with the bullshit… Try not to lose hope even if the situation seems impossible. We have to do everything in our power to change things, and believe in ourselves and our ability and inner strengths.

The future is what we create, and every single person can create change so don’t squander that power.

We have nothing to lose. I wish all of you lots of love, sunshine, and strength.

This Facebook posting was reposted with permission.

  1. Yossie

    I am sorry but that is just a fantasy this woman is living in. 30000 asylum seekers wouldnt be happy tax paying people but ones mostly living on welfare. They have no skills and experience that finnish worklife needs. Just check how those that already have been given refugee status and how they are employed.

    Further if everyone that comes here are given right to stay, the more and more people would be coming and ending up living in welfare. We have already paid over a billion euros for just those 30000 persons so if we were to get more, it would destroy finnish welfare state.

    I find it extremely crazy how this woman doesn’t seem to understand consequencies of the actions she wants.

  2. Finland is a hateful country

    Yossie, she said it well but the only thing your brain does work on it is welfare state and money! She said it perfectly because she has a heart, she said it for those who have heart and not for you!
    Not fantasy but humanity!
    However dont make panic in your weak head , you and your racist country made a hell for this poor refugees, they are all under pressure and torture! untill now they got NOTHING except stress, and many more bad things…..
    And how do you know they have no skills? how many skills yours have, you Finnish people mostly are with no skills at all, many of you are exactly workless, with no education, so dont put people down, dont insult them, and dont think you are the best.

    finnish worklife ? :)))) what is finnish worklife? you are in dream, do you really think you are a very special people and a refugee can not live with you ? Ha ha ha haaaaa joke joke joke

    • Yossie

      Of course my mind is on welfare state and money. Those are the things you just can’t ignore. You can yell all about hearts and humanity, but you just can’t think that money will last forever when you spend more than you make.

      Then what comes about asylum seekers getting “NOTHING”. You are greatly mistaken. They have got food, accomodation and money to spend. Yet you still claim they have got nothing. I think that tells everything about you and your entitlement.

      How do I know most of them have no skills? There has been plenty of research about it. Though when I say no skills we need to understand it in finnish context. If they many people can’t read and write in alphabets let alone in finnish, then they will have problems finding employment.

      I am not saying that Finns would be somehow universally better than other people. I am sure if we put a finn in an arab country, by far most would struggle and be considered of having no skills since understanding or reading arabic is not skills finns usually have.

  3. Finland is a hateful country

    We refugee also working here, and we pay tax too, and our tax goes to drunk people and your relative and many Finns too for welfare service, so what now?
    foods? okay tell me what kind of foods you gave to refugees?
    You gave them worse ever food plus torture, stress, panic, insult, you put them down every single day ! and you finally send them one by one to Iraq under bombardment, Finnish law has no right to kill refugee! but Finnish law is a dictatorship law.

    Oh accomodation or prison and racist polices!
    Not every job needs your alphabets!
    Humanity is faaaaar away from Finland, not only me but even if 100,000 million people come and yell about humanity, it wont grow in Finland. heart? there is no heart in this country but yes stones and rocks.
    Finnish government is in union with terrorists in Iraq, You send poor refugee back to Iraq because you want help to those terrorists, because Finnish government is terrorist too, its a politic in your parliament and law, you are not aware about it, the only thing you are aware is welfare and money, and yet there is no welfare for us here, never been.

    You deport refugee to the middle of war, do you know what does taht mean? can you at least imagine it for yours?

    Or you make them to kill themselves here, again think about! think and see and imagine how strongly they are under pressure in Finland.
    Finland is a nightmare, a real nightmare full of murderer! polices, security guards, judges, courts, PM in parliament, your favorite president Niinistö, yes, am talking all about the truth, and my chin is up.

    Welfare is with Sauli Niinistö and his wife not with some poor refugee in prisons and horrible camps.
    Do you know how much money immigration office asks from a refugee from first day they put their feet here? yeah and then you spend it for your welfare , for President party, for lazy racist ministers in parliament and more and more and more examples.

    Immigration scam us, its their business. lie, they are all liars, and their papers are full of fool and fault.

    Now this is your government business to deport Iraqi people to Iraq, and you never can see behind politic. you just can watch how your president is dancing with her wife in dependent day in his party! and how looks her dress, its blue or red…

    You are all working for money, no humanity , just blood business.


    • Migrant Tales

      Hannu, why do you bully? Why are you so mean to other people? Blaming them for your problems isn’t the right thing.

    • Migrant Tales

      …or bitch to anti-immigration parties that want to feed you to the dogs.

  4. Finland is a hateful country

    intternetnetsi oh no, but internet Finni or internet Finnishisisti

    Why you change words to your ugly language?

    You have appreciate a refugee because you are real smuggler! your government makes business with refugees life!!!!!

    Smuggler, racist, murderer, scammer and terrorist you are all, with no doubt, law in Finland is danger than isis, even Trump is nothing infront of Sauli Niinistö and his bully mafia group.

    You and your law and government terrorize refuggee in this hateful country day by day and minute after minute.

    :))))))) You are not master of universe, appreciate you? what a laughable face you have, i can imagine it easily , who do you think you are? No one, just a balck scorpion on planet earth, unworthy soul, one day you will die like a swine and worms will eat you with happiness under dust. thats all. in that time you can not bully worms not even ants!

    Bitch to your chick peas IQ, who cant support you!
    I am gald that i can make you racist bully angry, its so much easy for me.

    Bitch is those Finnish women ( which are very much ) who are easily sleeping with foreigners here and there, no matter where is this foreigner man from or who he is!

    Bitch is your finnish men ( which are very much ) who go to Thailand after second hand and third hand Thai woman and bring them here in Finland, those Thai woman are bitch who are sleeping with you easily.
    Bitch is your wives who are leaving their husbands with 2 and 3 children and go again and again with this foreigner and that foreigner to dirty bed, and finally they hunta simple poor foreigner and marry him and again they make more children and one day they will leave him too!

    Bitch is all female in your family, your mother and sisters and wife , daughter and who ever you have!

    Now go and cry your river, if there is any tear on your hateful eyes!

  5. Toiset Soundit

    Goof day Migrant Tales

    Please be and stay credible, and delete the post of this hateful person. I have never ever read anything like this before on your site and it is very racist, insulting, deliberately provocative and most of all: not doing any good to the cause (let’s call it like that).

    People like him, be he not a mere troll that is, should be sent back to where they come from, and die.



  6. Finland is a hateful country

    Toiset Soundit

    :)))))) you were shaking when you were reading my post :)))))) goof or good?

    You afraid of light, of truth, because you are all belong to dark.
    :)))) i have no power in Finland, nothing, nothing special, no rights, how can i be racist? this is you who is racist and does works against humans!
    and for your information, you can not send me back, am staying here right in Finland and on your dusty heart with my heavy strong and powerful voice !!!! and will spray my light on you and will show to the world and universe that you are all children of satan and evil.

    Now you thanks Mt to accept your request :)))) what a hypocrisy? you racists are coward, when you see yourself in a trap you start a balck politic in the name of Good day and thanks :))))) What if he does not accept your request? will you attack him and will you call him a bad one? how many times you been polite on this site? how many times you said a hi to Mt? how many times u used thanks in your posts? :))))))))))))) you are a wolf, you try to attarct others with some words? open your stone heart, now Finland is full of hate, racism is in your blood and vena, you can not lie and fool the world any more!

    Universe be aware what are Finland is doing against your people!

    I wont die, but you will die like a leech under your own hate and with your own racism! and i will laugh at you from my deep deep heart, and i will applause for justice in universe!

    You were born a racist and you will die a racist, no more no less!

    You are a poison on the world! if you look at yourself at the mirror, it will break.
    You whole life you made stress on poor people, still you do it, now am glad that i could make stress and shake on your ugly wild soul !now you understand your time is finish! now its your time to suffer and feel pain. why not?

    You can insult us easily and clearly and every where, why not me?
    I want insult you all, you all deserve it! we dont!

    So be quiet and accept all you deserve it!

  7. Toiset Soundit

    Well, calm down a bit will you? Take a deep breath and repeat after me: I am going to try and be a little bit more polite on this forum.
    And, still, for all I care: die painfully whilst drowning in your mother’s cunt, zemel!