Facebook: Believe it or not, a “foreign-looking man” saved a woman’s life in the Kamppi metro station on Monday

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Migrant Tales insight: The Facebook post sent to me today about a foreigner who allegedly saved a person’s life at the Kamppi metro station. But how is this possible? Aren’t all migrants criminals and cannon fodder used by political parties to attract votes?

Thank you Nadia Hellsten for the heads-up.


  1. PS voter

    I think I saw this incident as well. However, that Facebook story is not that accurate. For example, while it is true that a foreign looking person (didn’t look refugee to me, but I could be wrong) did jump after her — sorry about ethnic profiling, I don’t think that girl would have died even without him. The train driver noticed the incident and there was plenty of room for the train to stop before hitting anybody.

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