Facebook Abdirahim Husu Hussein: Terveisiä Ku Klux Klanilta

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Käsittemätöntä ja sairasta.

Olemme sinun kanssa Husu. Ei miään voi meitä voittaa.

 “N-sana. Älä puutu suomalaisten politiikojen tekemisin. Tiedätte Martin Luther Kingin. Hän oli n-sana ja mitä tapahtui. t. Ku Klux Klan (loppu teksti ei saa selvää).

Lue alkuperänen Facebook juttu tästä.

Postaus julkaistu luvalla.

  1. PS voter

    It is likely that writer of that letter was not a native Finnish speaker. It contains far too many atypical spelling errors. Usually even native Finns with only basic education don’t make that kind of errors. If it contained only one atypical spelling error, I could believe that a native Finn might have written it, but it is quite short letter and contains many odd spelling errors, which are typical for non-native Finnish speakers.

  2. PS voter

    The text is difficult to read in some places, but for example the ending seems to be: “Tulee ja näyttä sinnle kaapi paika” which contains many errors (all of the last four words have at least one error) and the correct form would be: “tulee ja näyttää sinulle kaapin paikan”. Making errors with double vowels and consonants is common for non-native speakers, but uncommon for native speakers. Similarly making several grammatical errors in suffixes of words, is not typical error for Finns, but it is common error for persons who don’t speak Finnish as a native language. The letter has also many other errors than these.

    • Migrant Tales

      Thank you for looking into this, PS voter. It doesn’t matter if the sender was Finnish or a non-Finn: hate speech and death threats are unacceptable. Some of the worst racists that I have met are foreigners. Racism and hate speech should be condemned irrespective of the person’s background.

  3. PS voter

    Sometimes things aren’t what they seem to be. False flags operations are relatively common in these kind of cases. Interestingly, Hussein later published the backside of that letter (and later for some reason removed that tweet that showed the backside of the letter) and on the backside of the letter, the language was much better than on the side he first showed. This is really odd.

    • Migrant Tales

      In an argument, 1 – 1 = 0, doesn’t work. Because Halla-aho may get threats it does not invalidate the threats that Abdirahim Husu Hussein received.