Extremism in Finland and elsewhere grows on the same soil of hatred

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By Enrique Tessieri

The video clip blow is a frightening example of how far-right groups like the Nazi Party of the United States use the First Amendment (freedom of speech) to justify their hate speech. While it’s unlikely that the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party or even Muutos 2011 and Vapauspuolue will have summer camps with Nazi flags and members dressed in SS-like gear, they do believe in racial purity and loathe Muslims.

Even if these parties may not go to such extremes as the American Nazi Party to drive home their message, there is always a probability it may lead to that if the time is right. If we listen to PS MPs like James Hirvisaari or Juho Eerola and read what Jussi Halla-aho has written about Muslims, a big question mark emerges.

It would be naive and foolish to brush aside these Suomen Sisu members as an innocent group. Even if they do not carry Nazi flags their thoughts and visions of Finland are in the same ball park as some white supremest groups in the United States and Europe. People express themselves different culturally even though they believe in the same ideological goals.

Suomen Sisu, of which Halla-aho and his cronies are members of the far-right association, recommend reading Alfred Rosenberg, a Nazi war criminal hanged in Nuremberg, and are against Finns marrying foreigners.

Susan Canedy, author, America’s Nazis says in the video clip tells us what Nazi Germany promised its people: “Adolf Hitler when he went to jail and wrote Mein Kampf  wrote what he knew: anti-Semitism was rampant and rife in Germany. What Hitler was able to do was capitalize on that unhappiness and throw some bones. Will you accept anti-Semitism if I give you a job? If I give you a uniform? If I give you a way of life? If I give you something to hang on to, something to bring our children up in and make you feel proud and make you enjoy your life in your community would you do that? Seventy million people did that.”

The video clip may be offensive to some. Migrant Tales recommends viewer discretion.


The face of fascism has changed but the policies of such a political system are still out there. Today’s fascists, which  could be called Counter-Jihadists, despise Muslims as much as the Nazis hated the Jews.

It’s the same ogre with different clothing.

  1. Hannu

    Sisu recommended also…

    Johdatus 1900-luvun ajatteluun Pentti Linkola
    Antikristus Friedrich Nietzsche
    Epäjumalten hämärä Friedrich Nietzsche
    Näin puhui Zarathustra Friedrich Nietzsche
    Ruhtinas Machiavelli
    Sodankäynnin taito Sun Tzu
    Sodankäynnistä Carl von Clausewitz
    Usko ja Teot Helmut Stellrecht
    Euroopan uudet taloudelliset suuntaviivat Werner Daitz
    The Lightning and The Sun Savitri Devi
    Kalevala trad.
    Kanteletar trad.
    Beowulf trad.
    Edda / Hávamál trad.
    Nibelungenin laulu trad.
    Kalevipoeg trad.
    Karhunkaataja trad.
    Uutta Eurooppaa kohti Alfred Rosenberg
    Hopeanvalkea Lennart Meri
    Ragnarök Villy Sørensen
    Kumpujen yöstä (4 osaa) Aarno Karimo
    Viimeistä piirtoa myöten Vihtori Kosola
    E.Simojoki – Legenda jo eläessään Sakari Virkkunen
    Suomalaisia soturikohtaloita Jussi Niinistö
    Sinimusta veljeskunta Mikko Uola
    Ryssän vihassa – Elmo Kaila Martti Ahti
    Dissecting the Holocaust Ernst Gauss
    Kalevala ja meri Johan Rudolf Dillström
    Kivikauden Suomi Matti Huurre
    Itämerensuomi – Eurooppalainen maa Kyösti Julku (toim.)
    Muinaisuutemme merivallat Matti Klinge
    Pohjoisten kansojen historia Olaus Magnus Gothus
    Kommunistinen Manifesti Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels
    My Awakening David Duke
    The Political Soldier Derek Holland
    Maailma yhtiöiden vallassa David C. Korten
    Jalouden alkuperä Matt Ridley
    Meidän on uudesta luotava maa Keijo Korhonen
    Pieni Karjalakirja Ilmari Susiluoto
    Paved With Good Intentions Jared Taylor
    The Bell Curve Richard J. Herrnstein & Charles Murray
    Why Race Matters Michael Levin
    The G-Factor Arthur R. Jensen
    Race John Baker
    Darwinin linnut Jonathan Weiner
    Geenien tulo yhteiskuntatieteisiin Ahmavaara & Vanhanen
    IQ and the Wealth of Nations Lynn & Vanhanen
    Lemminkäisen laulu Juha Ruusuvuori
    Kaniikki Lupus Juha Ruusuvuori
    Kohtalon kolmas hetki Aarno Karimo
    Pääkallokehrääjä Ilkka Remes
    Karjalan lunnaat Ilkka Remes
    Ruttokellot Ilkka Remes
    Starship Troopers Robert Heinlein
    Viha etsii kohdetta Kari Suomalainen
    Utopia Thomas More
    Vuonna 1984 George Orwell
    Eläinten vallankumous George Orwell
    Riivaajat Fjodor Dostojevski

    • Enrique

      Hannu, thank you for the list. I wrote a blog entry about how important it was for Multicultural Finns to accept themselves. Why is it so hard for Suomen Sisu to do the same? Suomen Sisu is a Finnish version of a white supremist group. In Finland being white supremist means hating Muslims and visible foreigners. Worse, they live in the nineteenth century in their racial theories and recommend against Finns marrying foreigners. That type of public statement is an insult to all the Finns with multicultural backgrounds in this country.

      So, Hannu, accept yourself. It is the first important step.

  2. khr

    The list of books looks looks quite interesting. I’d perhaps add Mao’s “On guerilla warfare” to accompany Sun Tzu & friends in the philosophy section (and maybe Caesar’s “Commentaries on the Gallic war”), and Rousseau’s “On social contract” to somewhere. I haven’t read Rosenberg, so I can’t comment if the book has any merit – not everything needs to be written by a nice person in a book list with heavy reading (heck, I just recommended Mao).

    However, the racial section looks suspiciously well represented. It’s OK to have differing and unorthodox view points presented in a list that’s meant to be thought provoking, but that sort of weighting certainly starts to look like the preference of the list writer.

    • Enrique

      You didn’t answer if you are a Suomen Sisu member, Hannu.

      Suomen Sisu like Jussi Halla-aho and his cronies want to stop immigration from outside Europe, especially Muslims and Africans. They don’t say this outloud because it would expose their extremist views. However they say this everytime they bash Muslims and claim that “multiculturalism” must be banned.

      I’ve said this before Hannu: Hommaforum and people like Halla-aho are not good for your self-esteem. All these sites and people do is give a person with low self-esteem the feeling of superiority. That superiority is nothing more than a house of cards.

      Here is a wayback machine to see what Suomen Sisu is all about: http://web.archive.org/web/20090224103407/http://www.suomensisu.org/

  3. Hannu

    Btw you forgot in your extremist list ones most of intelligence services etc are worried about, hint there is no word right in those.