Exposing the language of anti-immigration groups in Finland and Europe

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By Enrique Tessieri

One of the most surprising factors behind the hate speech of anti-immigration groups is that it is never portrayed as hatred. Racists never admit in public they are racists nor do far-right groups claim that they are extremists.

Deciphering the language of groups like the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party may be difficult for some. The language they use to label immigrants and minorities has nothing to do with fairness nor our values found in the spirit of our laws.

Take for instance the far-right Suomen Sisu association wing of the PS led by MP Jussi Halla-aho and their loathing of the term “multiculturalism.”

Migrant Tales bloggers know that multiculturalism is a Canadian social policy used to integrate immigrants and promote cultural diversity. There are only three multicultural (social policy) countries in the world: Canada, Australia and Britain.

In Finland, multiculturalism is used to mean ethnic and cultural diversity with some sprinkles of Canada’s multicultural social policy.

If we look at the PS and other populist and far-right parties in Europe, multiculturalism means a totally different thing. For these groups, multiculturalism is a shady concept or policy that permits Muslims and Africans from moving to Europe and Finland. When these groups commonly speak of “uncontrolled immigration” they mean that too many or no Muslims and Africans should be allowed to move to Europe.

In the same way they have definied mulituclturalism to fit their political agenda, they have soiled the good name of immigrants and refugees.

Certainly the usual language of racism will be used to justify their loathing of these groups. One of their favorite arguments is that these people “are so barbaric that they can never adapt to our society.” Thus their racism and hatred is justified because a certain group is so different from us.

But the big hole in their argument of groups like the Counter-Jihadists is that they don’t have any solutions on how to make diversity work. Their solution is a constant whining about “ghettos” and “maladapted” immigrants when in fact the grand majority of these people have jobs, pay taxes and lead normal lives.

Moreover, if European society is already culturally diverse how do they plan to make it less diverse? What do they plan to do with the millions of Muslims and other minorities living in Europe?

The fact is that anti-immigration groups don’t have any answers. The only answers they will give you in public is blatant bigotry that flirts with your stereotypes and racism.

If you ever meet up with a representative or a person who loathes immigrants and other minorities in Europe, why not ask him or her what they plan to do with these people.

The answer they may give may shock you.

  1. Peter

    The basic problem is that the government hasn’t paid enough attention to the integration of people coming to Great Britain into the British society which resulted in the creation of separate communities of immigrants – the trend that the British PM described earlier this year and that caused the gradual destruction of the national values and traditions within the given communities. I think we may face a number of similar problems in our own country and the only solution to eliminate these trends is to integrate the immigrants coming to Canada into our cultural system. We think of ourselves as being tolerant of multiculturalismbut a certain kind of assimilation is clearly inevitable in today’s world.

    • Enrique

      Hi Peter and welcome to Migrant Tales. The integration and participation of immigrants and minorities in any society is key to a good future. As can be seen, integration is a complex matter and there are many opinions on how it should work. Even so, we should be fortunate that we have countries like Canada that have showed leadership in this area through their multiculturalism. As you correctly state, assimilation does not work. An interesting way to tackle the problem is from “the opposite side:” Why are certain groups happy with the present situation/status quo?

  2. BlandaUpp

    WWII already showed us what these narrow-minded people would do to “undesirables”. Anders Breivik’s actions and writing quoting Halla-aho and Geert Wilders amongst other just illustrated their thinking taken to it’s logical conclusion. We need to wake up and realize how serious a threat these people really are!

  3. Hannu

    And integration doesnt work even in Canada.
    Enrique do you have answers?
    Is one who says “this doesnt work and no one has really shown how it can work” to blame for problems?

    • Enrique

      Hannu, what a situation: integration doesn’t work anywhere. Do you think we should close our borders and kick out all those we don’t like? Stop whining and give me a solution. But I am not holding my breath because you, and your Scripta and Hommaforum buddies have none to offer.

  4. Mary Mekko

    In Africa, if one tribe hates another (as they do), they simply go at it with machetes, cheap from China by the plane load. Hutus, why don’t you just accept integration, whazzamattayou?

    I believe the machetes were 10c/each in the 1990’s according to the film about their “multiculti” problems, one million or so dead.

    Yes, we can look to Africa for insight into how to avoid further massacres: avoid tribal blendings.

    One need not look at Stalin’s deportations of Germans, or Hitler’s mass movement of slave labor in the east, to understand that these problems are universal. Look outside “the European box”, Enrique, see what others have done.

    The Aztecs slaughtered the Mayans and began Mexico City (the site) as their own civilization.

    The European Ashkenazis drove out the Palestinians and began their own new state.

    The tribes of the Central Valley of California, thousands of years ago, drove the Miwoks, a Siberian tribe, into the Yosemite Valley, high into the mountains, in order to have the plains.

    Are these solutions?

    They were indeed for the conquering tribes! Israel is even proud of itself, no shame at all!

    These latter-day mestizos of Mexicos are proud of the Aztecs!!

    Who cares what came before, really? In the end, the winning tribe is: THE WINNER.

    So Finland, in its own multikulti history, with the Lapps pushed to the North, is the same.

    If the Muslims come and push the Finns to the East or North, well, that will just be history repeating itself.

    • Enrique

      Mary you should stop visiting Counter-Jihadist sites. You can make up terms to suit your ideology but they are, at the end of the day, your fairy tales of the world. Let’s get things straight: “multiculti” means for you a failed policy that allows people you don’t like (Muslims, black Africans etc) from moving to Europe. For others it means the Canadian social policy; in Finland it means dashes of the Canadian social policy but with a strong sense of cultural diversity in society.

  5. Mary Mekko

    Are the examples I cited “fairy tales”? Don’t read much, do you? History class 101, anyone?

    Counter-jihad sites I don’t even know. I know what life is like here in the SF Bay Area. We do not jammer on about Muslims since they’re not a major immigrant group. We jammer about the problems that we do have, as befits any groups getting a new invasion.

    Multikulti means only one thing: a mix of people, such as the SF I knew as a kid, where Italians, Irish, Germans, French, Russians and Poles were mixed in the residential neighborhoods. We respected each other, enjoyed the languages, music, food and costumes of the other groups, went to each others’ houses, met their parents and siblings, saw how even decorating and furniture was different. My best friends were of Croatian, Chinese, Irish, and Mexican descent in my schooldays. My own father enjoyed the same when he grew up in SF as a kid, mostly with Southern Europeans, especially Italians.

    Cultural diversity is the fact in a city like SF. But what is UNACCEPTABLE is the crime and violence of certain groups, and let’s be blunt who they are: the blacks and the Latinos. let’s be really specific: the males, especially young males. Deaths by guns and knives everywhere around the Bay Area, because of their “cultures”, which you should “respect”….

    As a female of Irish descent, I was their victim for years. I have the right to say what happened, to discuss, as Jews who knew pre-WWII Germany can report on gentile harassment of their lives. They didn’t speak up,a nd the situation got worse and worse for them. Some could afford to flee; I meet them here all the time. The others were shafted,s taying in Europe. Suppose they had protested, instead of shutting up about such treatment, as you advocate for Finns when they suffer at the hands of new (angry and violent) immigrant males?

    Finns MUST SPEAK UP and defend themselves. If they, esp. the women, shout back at the males int he nightclubs, bravo to them, since there is no other solution to stopping bad behavior. Nip it in the bud, and then the MULTIKULTI life can be good.

    If the police won’t arrest these guys, or keep them in prison once caught, the Finns will have a real fight on their hands, for the safety of their children and grandchildren, as in your words, Enrique. My Irish mother was harassed her first week in San Francisco, in 1946, walking home from her job, by two separate black males.

    Are you saying that that is the way to be – MULTIKULTI with anger and violence against whites? How is that right? How did my mother deserve such treatment, as a poor new citizen who never did anything against anyone? Why did they think they had the right to do so?

    We whites are the victims of liberal 1960’s policies that permeate Finland now. Finns MUST turn things around to protect themselves. The women and children are in danger from violence. The Finnish men must wake up.

  6. vincebel

    also i hope you are aware that, in Finland, most of the fights, agressive drunking behaviour, domestic violence, shootings, bullying involve finnish young men.

    I live in the center of a city and i can tell you that by looking at the window no foreigners are involved in throwing glass bottles, loudly swearing, fighting.

    Well maybe thats not a cultural problem but a alcohol problem (wich is cultural)

    but thats true that even in their apparent agressivity, young finns have a huge respect of women (which seems to be your main concern).

    i agree with you that before, living in a multicultural area was more safe and enriching (im from belgium and plenty of italians, poles, frenchs). But now the non safety doesnt come only from non westerns immigrants (mostly but non only). Violence and non respect of anything is so easy nowadays that a lot of young people just act stupid.

    i think laws should be enforced for everybody and immigrant criminals should just be sent back…