Exploitation of asylum seekers in Finland for profit and illegal activities

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales will publish and expose this week a foods distributor that pays asylum seekers under the table to change the sell-by dates of their products. We have a written statement and many pictures sent to us by one former employee that show how easy it is to change sell-by dates of products.

Below, is a letter sent to the authorities about a Helsinki-based foods company that allegedly hires asylum seekers and pays them under the table. As the letter states, the former employee was asked to allegedly change the sell-by dates of products like flour, rice and others.

In a new post, Migrant Tales will publish the name of the suspected company.

The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) and the Helsinki health authorities have the name of the company. The health authorities have paid a visit to the company’s warehouse.


Hello, my name is BLANK, I used to work for an Espoo-Helsinki-based foods company for a year and three months in weighing or distributing vegetables and foodstuff around Finland. I also used to do work like changing the sell-by dates of food products like wheat, rice, and many others. [The owners of the company] BLANK and BLANK used to threaten me that if I didn’t change the sell-by dates, they would tell the police. At the time I had two rejections for asylum and a deportation decision. [One of the owners] BLANK used to distribute the goods to Asian shops, Asian, Arab and Indian. The sell-by dates of the goods were forged; the company changed expired foodstuffs from 2017 to 2018.

The big question about this illegal activity is who to blame?

  • Is the culprit the company? Yes, definitely.
  • Is the culprit the hostile environment against migrants in Finland? Yes.
  • Is the culprit the asylum seeker who is exploited? No.

Another question is if one company does this, how many more do it?