eWeek Europe: Anonymous Implicated In Finnish Web Hacks

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Comment: The main aim of the hackers that exposed the vulnerability of the Finnish data security system was to expose neo-Nazi organizations like Suomen Kansallinen Vastarinta. I wonder how many red faces there would be if they’d hack the Suomen Sisu association website? 

Anonymous Finland claimed responsibility for the hacks in a statement Monday

Writes Anonymous Finland:  “We have no tolerance for any group based on racial, sexual and religion discrimination as well as for all the people belonging to them and sharing their ideologies, which is the reason why We decided to carry out last Monday’s attack. That said, We demand SVK to cease its social and net activities and dissolve immediately: should it not happen, We will continue to carry out attacks to its website in the form We will find more appropriate for our intentions.”

And continues:  “We have seen a massive increase of racism among large layers of the population and national politics, as well as of violent verbal and physical actions towards foreigners. We have seen the birth of groups and political movements and apparition of political figures who support racist ideologies and foster and encourage racial hatred through flamboyant rhetoric, people and movements…”

Certainly what Anonymous Finland has done is a breach of the law but what can we say about websites like Hommaforum and Scripta, which are trying to make racism a normal thing in our society? 

Here is another link to Oo News! that writes about the incident.


By Iris Cheerin

Neo-Nazi politicians were exposed in Finland – but was Anonymous really responsible?  In the largest ever breach of its kind, Finnish websites were hacked last week and personal data leaked onto a file sharing website, it has been reported.

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