European Islamophobia Report 2021: Finland

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The recent parliamentary election in Sweden is only one of the worrying signs that Islamophobia is not receding in the EU but gaining strength. Muslims, like other minorities, must work together to challenge Europe’s ever-growing anti-Muslim racism. We must do this not only for ourselves but for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The editors of the European Islamophobia Report 2021 are Enes Bayrakli and Farid Hafez.

In Finland, we supposedly live in the happiest country in the world. Even so, the biggest opposition party is Islamophobic and openly hostile to minorities. Even “straight” parties like the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) flirt, spread Islamophobic rhetoric, and support such policies.

You can access the full European Islamophobia Report 2021 here.

If the latest 2020 hate crime report is anything to go by, Muslims continue to suffer the most from hate crime attacks. Due to their “foreign-sounding” names, discrimination in the labor market is also a problem. Moreover, racism in the police continues to be a blow to trust, and the blind spot of the media to Islmophobia is equally worrying