European far-right parties are part of a conspiracy to replace our democracies

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A paradox: “Liberal” Nordic countries like Finland have large far-right parties that feed off racism.

If I were to use the racist rhetoric of the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party to solve social problems, I’d be lost. Solutions, like tougher laws, more restrictions, enforcing marginalization, and strengthening institutional racism, would leave me in a bind.

Fearmongering and stirring up the us-and-them message is the bread and butter of parties like the PS. They have nothing to offer except to feed your prejudices and embolden your hatred.

Politicians like PS chairperson Riikka Purra and Jussi Halla-aho are fortune tellers. All they can do is tell us the horrible things migrants will do if we let them in Finland.

The latest prank by the PS is to end Russian tourists from coming to the country. They claim that these people are a security threat. What about if some of these Russians are fleeing Putin’s terror? OK, I get it: the plan is to restrict asylum seekers from coming to Finland.

The ad by the youth chapter of the PS received a lot of criticism on social media. It reads: “Russians vacationing in Finland…genocide in Ukraine. Close the border.”

As the sign in Helsinki shows, it is time to close our easter border with Russia because there is “genocide in Ukraine.”

What if I told you that their youth wing, which paid for the ad above, would not care about Ukrainians? What if I told you their only motive is their hatred of all Russians?

It sounds like their preposterous argument about forbidding Muslim women from wearing a veil, or the hijab. Parties like the PS would not care an iota for these women. The only thing that shows is their ugly Islamophobia in their disingenuous statements.

It is remarkable that with Italy getting ready to elect its first fascist prime minister after Benito Mussolini, there is nothing more than silence from the PS.

The only PS politician who openly supports Giorgia Meloni’s candidacy is MEP Laura Huhtasaari.

Laura Huhtasaari posts on Facebook: “If Italy votes the wrong way, then ‘fortunately’ the EU will nullify the result through blackmail, bribery, and intimidation. It makes you wonder why nation states need votes anymore since the EU knows better? [The EU] is a lovely club.”

As we saw in Sweden on September 11 with the far-right Sweden Democrats, Europe is in peril, and one party that is part of the conspiracy against democracy is the PS.

The face of that new European order would be something like Victor Orbán’s Hungary.