Etelä-Suomen Sanomat: Ulkomaalaisten rikokset kuohuttavat

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Comment: Here is an interesting story about crime and immigrants. Human rights activist and lawyer, Hussein Muhammed, gives his take on the problem. One of the big issues whenever an immigrant commits a crime is that the whole groups is labelled.

One way of lowering crime would be a more effective family reunification policy, which Finland wants to tighten.

Do you agree?


Maahanmuuttajilla on täysi syy vastustaa rikoksia, koska yhden ulkomaalaisen syyllistyminen lainvastaisuuksiin voi leimata kaikki muutkin, arvioi ihmisoikeusaktivisti ja lakimies Husein Muhammed.

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  1. Tony Garcia

    One of the things we learn from this blog is that criminality from Africans in general and Muslims in particularly just doesn’t exist. This is just another lie from the far-right. So, now I wonder, why is Mr. Muslim offering a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist?