Etelä-Saimaa: Persun kestäviä realiteetteja

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Comment: How realistic and seriously should the right-wing populist Perussuomalaiset be taken? In the column published below in Lappeenranta-based daily Etelä-Saimaa, Heli Tiusanen writes about two PS MPs,  Teuvo Hakkarainen and Reijo Tossavainen, who want to now close Finland’s borders to asylum-seekers.

The only foreigners that would be allowed to move to Finland are those with work.

Every day a new scene unfolds in the tragic-comic four-year play brought to you by the PS. This latest one is no surprise.

Iltalehti published a while back a list of MP candidates that belong to the anti-immigration camp. I am certain that the list is much longer than the evening tabloid suggests.  PS MP Teuvo Hakkarainen is missing from Iltalehti’s list.


Heli Tiusanen

Perussuomalaisten herrat Tossavainen ja Hakkarainen ovat kailottaneet kovaan ääneen, että Suomen pitäisi sulkea rajansa turvapaikanhakijoilta. Lintukotoomme voisi kyllä päästää sellaiset ulkomaalaiset, joilla on tänne tullessaan työpaikka. Kiintiöpakolaiset voitaisiin ottaa vastaan, pitkin hampain. Kumpikaan ei ole puhunut sanaakaan siitä, saako suomalainen tuoda ulkomaalaisen puolisonsa maahan.

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  1. Allan

    I think the “list” was the signers of the pre-election ” immigration manifesto” not all those who signed it got elected. Its more or less adapted into the PS programme as far as I can tell.

  2. Klay_Immigrant

    Enrique I’m suprised that you havn’t yet written an article on the Scottish Parliament elections that happened yesterday with the SNP (Scottish National Party) winning by a huge margin gaining an outright majority, the first time that has happened in the parliament’s history as the method of voting (proportional representation) makes it extremely difficult to achieve. One of their promises is to have a referendum in the near future about Scottish independence and break away from the UK. So this follows the trend across Europe of increased nationalism, sovereignty and hostility being witnessed for not just relatively recent immigration and the EU but also for centuries old unions as shown in Scotland today.

  3. Hannu

    So Enrigue you publish opinion of “head of asylym center” who lost her job 🙂
    Her opinion was shred apart in,49211.msg668293.html#msg668293

    • Enrique

      Hannu, I want to take the opportunity for bringing over 800 people to my blog back in September 2008. I was about to throw in the towel but then all those people you sent from Hommaforum emboldened me. We have grown manyfold since then. Thank you for your support!

  4. Hannu

    Who is immonen? I dont find that name on that text.

    Im happy to support you but you really should take your arguments to hommaforum, they are gentle to heretics, they even provide higher security for you so people stay on topic 🙂

  5. tomi

    Ei oo pakko asua täällä, se on moro vaan. Palaa takaisin sinne mistä on tullut, kotimaassa oma kansa, ei rasismia. Samalaista paskaa joutuu suomalainen kokemaan muslimi maissa, miehetkin raiskataan ja tapetaan naisista puhumattakaan.

    • Enrique

      –tomi: Ei oo pakko asua täällä, se on moro vaan. Palaa takaisin sinne mistä on tullut, kotimaassa oma kansa, ei rasismia. Samalaista paskaa joutuu suomalainen kokemaan muslimi maissa, miehetkin raiskataan ja tapetaan naisista puhumattakaan.

      Here is an example of a Finn who attacks me anonymously. Even if he represents those that the PS has emboldened, I am happy to say that most Finns don’t react in such a crude way. Violence is not the answer not even when debating like tomi does. Bigotry has raised its head big time in this country. This thread is a small example. We must now send it back to where it came from.

      Kiitoksia vastauksesta tomi, mutta en alennan itseäni sinun tasolle. Julkaisen sinun kommentin siksi, että kaikki voivat nähdä tämä valitettavan puolen Suomesta jota edustat. Haluan kertoa myös sinulle, että minä jään Suomeen, koska tämä on yksi monesta kotimaastani.

  6. Mikko


    Aah, I miss the old times, before the internet. People had to say things straight to your face and stand by what they are saying. Now we have just millions and millions trolls…

    • Enrique

      Yes, Mikko, you are right. Those were the days!

  7. Allan

    Well I rather have someone say it anynomously on the internet, than face a mob on the street.

    Basically – if you dont like it, its a free country. I am not overwhelmingly pleased in the UK, but I havent started a whining blog. Then again I am offshore half the time, but the union whines for me.

    • Enrique

      Allan, why do you get personal? I am certain you won’t have a problem finding tomis on the net.

      Let me give you some advice about writing, Allan. Adjectives and adverbs are dangerous things. They are like weeds in a lawn.

      Maybe that’s why the PS got 19%. You think defending one’s civil rights is “whining.” Ever heard of the BNP?

    • Enrique

      –Enrique, how much of the vote did you get?

      81.9% of the total votes.