ERR News: Le Pen caught “unaware” of the meaning of the white power sign

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The leader of the far-right Front National Marine Le Pen was caught “unaware” of the meaning of a white power sign in a selfie taken with Estonian far-right EKRE member Ruuben Kaalep, according to ERR News of Estonia.  

Kaalap removed the selfie from his Facebook page.

What is fishy about the story is that Le Pen claims to have not known the white power sign even if she leads a party that gets it popularity from defending white power and privilege in France and Europe.

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Le Pen, who was in Tallinn on Tuesday meeting with EKRE members and other far-right parties to ally with far-right groups to set up a new European parliamentary group, thought that the white power signal “means ok,” she was quoted as saying in AFP.

“I was later told that it may have an alternative meaning,” she added. “As soon as I became aware of that, I immediately asked that the photo be removed from the Facebook account.”

The latest white power debacle in Estonia points to one matter: Too many politicians are using it in that country.

In the tweet above, the anti-immigration and anti-EU EKRE ministers gave the white power sign in parliament in April. On the left is Martin Helm, the finance minister, and on the right his father, Martin Helm, the interior minister.