El País: El ocaso de la tolerancia nórdica

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Comment: Here is story published Sunday by El País of Madrid on how the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden and Finland have given ground to “far-right and populist” parties. The article, authored by Ana Carbajosa and Adrián Soto, who has lived in Finland for over thirty-five years, shows special concern over the last election in Finland.

Writes El País: “The last big (election) victory and which was probably more surprising was that of the Perussuomalaiset (the article translates the Finnish name of the party to Auténticos Finlandeses, or authentic Finns) who got two weeks ago 19% of the votes, or seven times more than in the last election (of 2007). Some analysts attribute the victory to the charismatic leader of the party, EuroMP Timo Soini.”

Could parties like the Perussuomalaiset, Danish People’s Party and Sweden Democrats mentioned in the El País story be knee-jerk reactions by some sectors of society to the rapid changes taking place in these countries due to globalization?

What is lamentable about these parties is that their responses are angry reactions with the usual round of anti-EU, anti-immigration and anti-Islam sentiment. Their hostility and nationalism only aggravates the problem.

Do you agree?


Adrián Soto y Ana Carbajosa

La victoria electoral de los Auténticos Finlandeses ha supuesto una pequeña revolución en el país nórdico, pero sobre todo ha hecho saltar todas las alarmas en una región en la que hasta hace bien poco era casi impensable escuchar argumentos tan extremistas como los que ahora circulan por los Parlamentos nacionales de la zona. Los partidos de extrema derecha y populistas nórdicos ya no pueden ser ignorados porque les respalda una parte del electorado nada despreciable. En Finlandia y en Dinamarca han sido la tercera fuerza más votada. En Suecia han aflorado de la semioscuridad y han entrado en la cámara parlamentaria.

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  1. JusticeDemon


    Now you have to telephone the PS office and ask them what their official name is in Spanish.

    All those PS cyber warriors who “can computers and english very good” now face a new challenge. 🙂

  2. JusticeDemon

    Obviously the answer is to build those reactors on the moon. No plate tectonics there, and some of those craters have been around since before Kike Elomaa was last in the top 40.

    Those Armi and Danny videos put me in mind of the PS nonsense about promoting only genuinely Finnish culture. The overwhelmingly most successful cultural products of the last 25 years have been musical releases from quintessentially Finnish groups like Bomfunk MC’s, The Rasmus and HIM, whereas Finland’s sustained run of legendary Eurovision Song Contest flops was finally ended by that most Finnish of cultural phenomena Lordi.