Easter folklore and something else in Madrid

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For a Catholic nation as Spain, Easter is a pretty serious period. The symbols of the church and the state are an irreplaceable icons of the folklore of the night.


Madrileños expressing awe and waiting for the human-carried floats.


And this was one of the prizes for their eyes.


A huge flag and a full moon as a tribute to Christopher Columbus, the Genoa-born explorer that set foot on American soil in 1492.

  1. sean

    I am glad to be away from Catholic Ireland, and indeed far away from all things ecumenical.
    I’m becoming so sensitive in my old age to “mass idiocy” (I like to call it) no matter how OK it may appear. However, we all know about Roman Catholicism, and what we don’t know gives even more cause for concern
    .Jai guru dev ohm

  2. Enrique

    Hi Sean, great to hear from you as always. I hope you are well in good old Mikkeli. Pretty scary stuff, no? I’d probably fear being in Catholic Spain 30-50 years ago. The Ecumenical Council recently voted for Antonio Maria Rouco as head. He’s very conservative and has set ideas on stem-cell research, the family and same-sex marriages. I don’t have to explain to you what they are because I’m certain you got a taste of it when you lived in Eire as a young lad.
    Take care,

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