Dutch foreign minister offers excuses for racism and “failures of multiculturalism”

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The interview below with Dutch foreign minister, Stef Blok, is another prime example of why racism, bigotry, and discrimination continue to list high on the European shame board. The interview, where Blok tells us how “multiculturalism has failed,” reveals another excuse why racism is deeply ingrained in Europe. 

He also forgets to tell us about the history of racism in Holland and Europe and its complicity in the slave trade.

Said Blok in Politico: “Give me an example of a multiethnic or multicultural society, where the original population are still living as well … and where there are peaceful community relations. I’m not aware of any.”

It is odd, but not surprising, that Blok speaks of “multicultural society,” or a society that is culturally and ethnically diverse, as a failure because he’s not aware of any ones where there are good ethnic relations.

Certainly, there aren’t due to the legacy of racism in countries like Holland.

Moreover, many successful economies like the United States build their growth on exploiting migrants as cheap labor.

No, Foreign Minister Blok, you got it wrong. Well-functioning societies – and none will never become 100% harmonious – hinges on social equality and equal opportunities. If you are unwilling to challenge social inequality and racism, there is your answer of what you refer to as the failure of “multiethnic or multicultural society.”

It is not “race”  or “ethnicity” but of equal opportunities and inclusion that are key to creating a well-functioning society.

When Blok claims that multiculturalism is a failure, it is only an excuse that reveals a lack of political will to take action against racism and social inequality.

Read the full story here.

Another statement made by the Dutch foreign minister in the interview is that Eastern European countries like Hungary and Poland “will never agree” to EU refugee quotas. He said it was because “colored people” have “no life” in those countries and would be “beaten up.”

Racism and social injustice are still issues in Europe. The fact that black people could get beaten up in Warsaw shows us that the struggle to create a Europe free of racism is still ongoing. Social fighters like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and others are examples that social change is possible.

Such social fighters were people of action, not of offering excuses.


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