Double standards and press freedom in Europe hinge on which group you belong to

by , under Enrique

What difference is there in banning paparazzi pictures of Prince William’s wife Catherine sunbathing topless in the south of France and cartoons insulting Muhammed? Certainly, some may argue that Catherine will be the next queen of England, right? 


Why the double standards? Is it because Catherine is a white European belonging to the royal family and Mohammed a Muslim prophet? Aren’t we at war with the Muslims after 9/11 and hasn’t this expensive crusade lined with Pyrrhic victories brought out our ugliest side in the form of racism and Islamophobia?

As a journalist, I have always avoided sensational paparazzi-type journalism. The closest I ever got to that type of journalism  was when I was ordered to do a story on Ana Risquet, the late Urho Leppänen’s Cuban wife.

Swedish magazine Se&hörSe og Hör of Denmark and Finland’s 7 päivää published this week those banned pictures of Catherine.

The pictures of a topless Catherine have been widely distributed on the Internet. The first ones to publish them were Closer magazine of France, Ireland’s Daily Star and Italian magazine Chi.

The latest scandal follows William’s brother Harry, who was pictured nude during a wild night in Las Vegas.