Don’t give racist charlatans a megaphone

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Which Finnish politicians are the country’s biggest charlatans? We all know them by name. Finland’s media has learned to pushback more than before and not give a megaphone to political con artists. It is called media responsibility.

Who are these charlatans?

They are the ones who always pick on the disadvantaged threatening them with a life of social exclusion and rejection. You know, the ethnonationalists, the Finnish white supremacists, Finland’s biggest opposition party, are prime examples.

The Foreign Student was one of the first critical newsletters that spoke out against the discriminatory practices of the Aliens’ Office under Eila Kännö. Too many Finns see the ideal foreigner as a person who shuts up and smiles. This newsletter was published in April 1981.

I don’t know whom you think has spread the most racism in Finland. Is it Jussi Halla-aho? Riikka Purra? Laura Huhtasaari? Veikko Vallin? Ano Turtiainen? All the above? Or are these politicians only the opportunists emerging from deeply rooted and entrenched Finnish racism?

Apart from being political con artists, all of them lie outright because most of their campaign promises are unconstitutional.

Some of them are so racist that they don’t have a clue how racist they are.

If they have a tough time figuring out this fact, then we must help them to see the light and their shameful deception.