Does PS MP Olli Immonen have any idea what Finnish culture is?

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There’s a three-part story published on Suomen Kuvalehti with Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Olli Immonen, who states why postmodern movies, or those that don’t strengthen Finnish national identity, shouldn’t be funded by the state. Immonen was elected the new president of Suomen Sisu, an extremist association that discourages white Finns from marrying foreigners. 

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Suomen Kuvalehti published a three-part dialogue between PS MP Olli Immonen and Kalle Kinnunen. Read (in Finnish) part 1, part 2 and part 3.

It’s not only disgraceful that politicians like Immonen can make a case for ”racial hygiene” in today’s Finland and promote an exclusive view of Finnish culture that excludes others from being treated as equals and with respect, but that his far right views have support from voters and the media.

What becomes clear in the three-part news interviews between Kalle Kinnunen and Immonen, is how much in the dark the PS MP is about the role of Finnish culture in the production of new Finnish movies.

Kinnunen asked Immonen what kinds of movies the PS MP considers postmodern and which of them undermine Finnish national pride.

”I throw the ball back in the court of the directors, scriptwriters and financiers and ask them if they have enough courage to break away from internationalism and multiculturalism and bring forth more Finnish culture in films.”

On Monday Migrant Tales questioned whether one of Finland’s anti-immigration hotheads, PS MP James Hirvisaari, knew what racism is. Hirvisaari claimed that he was a victim of racism because he was a member of the PS and was a devout Christian.

The same question now goes to Immonen: Does he have any idea what Finnish culture is?

It’s pretty clear from the dialogue between Immonen and Kinnunen that the PS MP from Oulu has a simplistic view of what he hinks is Finnish culture. For Immonen, Finnish culture is only a concept used by him to exclude those that don’t fit the outdated stereotype of the the blonde and blue-eyed Finn.

Disgraceful behavior that shames and is hurtful to Finland.

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