Diving into fall’s mystery

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Is fall so candid because it has an unwanted job, namely getting ready for winter the full-bloom landscapes that summer worked so hard at building? The mysticism you’ll find in the sub-arctic is therefore the only present that autumn offers to those that watch as it toils.So fall’s mystery can be summed up by its chilly full-moon nights timidly exposing sleepy rolling pastures and woods accompanied by Northern Lights dancing in the vast sky. When pitch-darkness leaves the moon and Northern Lights temporarily unemployed, darkness is so thick that you can almost lean against it.

But don’t be fooled: not everything in the woods appear as what they seem…

Or better they’re like something that Anaïs Niin once said: We don’t see thing as they are. We see things as we are.

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    Always great to hear from you, Savannah. I hope you’re getting better. I’m a bit worried about you but I know you’ll pull through fine.