Der Spiegel International interviews National Front leader Marine Le Pen

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Der Spiegel International published an interview with Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right  National Front. While her views on the EU and cultural diversity don’t surprise us, what she says should concern us. One matter shines through in Le Pen’s message: France must leave the EU and stop immigration to realize her greatness as a nation. 

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 Read full interview here.

The same logic that Le Pen uses was used by many autocratic nations like Nazi Germany, which blamed the Jews and other minorities that lived in the country for keeping Germans from becoming the “super race.”

While in a different context, Le Pen is basically saying the same thing: France has been destroyed by the EU, immigration and minorities.

One has only to look at Berlin in April-May 1945 to understand the destruction and terror that the Nazi regime brought on Europe came back like a boomerang to its doorsteps. In today’s world, you don’t build greatness with racism and nativist nationalism. You do it with global integration and values that promote cultural diversity through mutual acceptance, respect and equal opportunities.

Some of her answers dodge the question completely, like the one when the reporter asks her about xenophobia. Her answer: “Xenophobia is the hatred of foreigners. I don’t hate anyone.”

If you read some of the statements she’s made against Muslims and migrants, we could easily argue the contrary. She’s no friend of Muslims, migrants and minorities like gays.

As you read the interview, pay special attention if she offers viable solutions to issues like unemployment, competitiveness and global-EU integration. What you’ll see is a lot of scapegoating without any credible solutions except for leave the EU and stop immigration to France.

It’s too bad that the reporter didn’t ask Le Pen what she’d do with the millions of migrants and visible minorities living in France. Would she make a similar promise like Geert Wilders did in spring, when the Dutch politician said he’d reduce the number of Moroccans in Holland?

Read full interview here.