Denying racism is the new racism

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The more we debate racism, the more our ignorance is exposed in the raw.* This is a good matter because when we begin to see the light at the end of this debate, we can start wiping off our ignorance and replace it with knowledge. Even so, denial is still rampant. Bill Maher said: “Denying racism is the new racism.”

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 The biggest shock to ethnic purists  is the discovery that the Garden of Eden never existed in their country. How come Adam & Eve are “white?”

Even if we live in the Internet age, our views about ”others” is still stuck in places where computers haven’t been invented.

I was watching an A-Talk show on Finnish television Thursday about racism. One of the guests said that victims of racism didn’t have any right to claim such harassment as “racist.”

A beg your pardon?!

Even if such denial may surprise some, it’s more common than people think.

Apart from denying that such a social ill exists, the lack of knowledge that some have about racism is shocking.

Tabloid Iltalehti quotes a university academic, who enlightens us with the following fact: cultures mix, everything we claim to be homemade was borrowed from somewhere else.

Give me a break! A tabloid has to quote an academic to tell me something I should have learned in the first grade?

While it may be a shock to some ethnic purists that the Garden of Eden never existed in their country, we must ask why racism and other anti-social behavior are so widespread in our society. Is it here where racism is exposed and takes the driver’s seat?

How come some politicians, who should know better, still cling tooth and nail to their prejudices and intolerance? The only answer I can come up with is that they profit from such anti-social behavior.

You may rightly ask how can anyone profit from racism?

In society there are a limited amount of resources like jobs and these must be selfishly guarded. Racism is an effective weapon to exclude others from such resources.

The big lie about this biased societal order of things is that it costs tax payers an arm and a leg.

It’s always cheaper to educate and include people in society than to deprive them opportunities.

*Thank you JusticeDemon for the heads-up. 



  1. Enrique Tessieri

    One of the matters that surprises me in the ongoing debate on racism in Finland is the silence of the anti-immigration politicians. Is it when they are reduced to size and their urban tales exposed that they hide away like cowards and avoid debate? Their silence offers us an affirmative answer.