Denmark takes another shot of steroids for its xenophobia

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Denmark, the Nordic region’s most Islamophobic country, plans to tighten (again) its immigration laws by deporting all foreigners who are handed prison sentences, according to DR of Denmark.

DR writes that the government wants to introduce changes in the law so that any foreigner slapped with an unconditional prison sentence will be deported. “Today, a foreigner can avoid deportation despite being handed a prison sentence,” said Denmark’s Social Democratic minister for immigration and integration, Kaare Dybvad Bek.

Read the full story (in Danish) here.

While some idealize the Nordic welfare system because it is supposed to promote social equality, nothing could be further from the truth than Denmark, which some have correctly called a xenophobic country on steroids.

One of the latest steps it announced in its zero-asylum seeker policy is to open an asylum center in Rwanda to discourage asylum seekers from seeking refuge.

The controversial plan, criticized by human rights experts, follows in the shoes of the UK plan to process asylum applications in Rwanda.

The ruling Social Democratic party of Denmark, led by Mette Frederiksen, has adopted the anti-immigration plans of the far-right Danish People’s Party to win elections and secure political power.

The Finnish far-right Perussuomalaiset* has praised Denmark’s draconian immigration policy as a model for the country.