Defining white Finnish privilege #37: The master of near-everything

by , under Enrique Tessieri

What do independent government agencies like the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman, Ombudsman for Equality, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Discrimination and Equality Tribunal have in common?  All of them protect and defend the rights of women and minorities in Finland.

Another matter that these government agencies have in common is that minorities are underrepresented and that too few of us use their services.

One of the reasons could be ignorance and mistrust. Trust and credibility aren’t helped by the fact that few if any visible minorities are staffers in such bodies.

Another factor that doesn’t help is that in Finland women’s and minorities’ rights are defended by different agencies. In Sweden and Norway, women’s and minorities’ rights are protected by one agency.

While there are many dedicated people working for these bodies, one wonders if it is in their interest to splinter such an important issue in our society into four different bodies.

Finnish white privilege #37

One of the most important goals that migrants, minorities, and representatives of our culturally diverse community should strive for is more representation and say in these agencies.

Why white Finnish officials don’t care to consult migrants and minorities enough poses an interesting question that reveals a serious problem: Finnish white power and privilege are seen in almost everything that has to do on how migrants and minorities should adapt to this country.

Finland should start to take Sweden’s and Norway’s example and create one agency that deals with all forms of discrimination.

More people should start to demand a serious overhaul of how discrimination is treated in this country starting with the establishment of one, not many, agencies.

Taking into account how racism and bigotry have raised their heads in recent years, the time for such an overhaul is now.

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