Day 9 of Fayaz’s hunger strike: Coping with intense physical and psychological stress

by , under Hami Bahdori

Migrant Tales will begin to publish stories about Fayaz’s hunger strike. Fayaz is an Afghan asylum seeker who faced deportation from Finland and is currently detained at Helsinki’s Metsälä immigration removal center. 

Hami Bahadori visited Fayaz and gave the following report about the asylum seeker’s state:

He is under tremendous physical and psychological pressure, due to stress from deportation (likely death) and the hunger strike. His medical condition is critical and the nurse at Metsälä immigration removal center has told him “there is no medical procedures for hunger strike, the only thing we can do is that if you faint we will call the ambulance!” (And calling an ambulance doesn’t necessarily mean that the patient will be hospitalized). We are still requesting your help in raising awareness since deportation is not an option for Fayaz. There has been an appeal submitted to the administrative court. As we know #AfghanistanIsNotSafe #StopDeportation #SaveFayaz

High walls, a fence, and barbwire tell you that you are at the Metsäla immigration removal center. Photo: Enrique Tessieri.