Dana: You are not welcome in Finland – go back to where you came from!

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By Dana

Yes, who invited you here?

If you don’t like it here, why don’t you go back to where you came from? This statement is aimed to tire and weaken you. It’s a dark trick with a dark ending for you.

And who knows about  those dark goals better than I?

Back home you can hear the same statements still ringing in your head: “Go back to where you came from.”

Sometimes some foreigners who are working with Finns attack other foreigners; it’s as if Finland were fat meat and they want to eat it all. Or maybe they think they are the only ones who think they have the right to come and stay Finland…So the big question is if i should eat only veggies? Veggies are like gold in Finland. They are expensive as meat.

The first important lesson you will learn in Finland from politicians, the government, laws, courts, ombudsmen, parliament and all those organizations that are supposed to look after your rights is that u r not welcome in this country.

There are no human rights organization that will defend you either… oh yes, there are some, but they don’t really mean to defend your human rights. If something happens and you approach them, they will listen to you and repeat the following: ”Sorry, sorry that’s not our job…Oh Finnish law works like this. Oh this is the situation, this is how the law works. ”

So be careful


in the name of the law what is illegal is legal.