Dana: Woes for you killers who kill without a knife

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By Dana


Why should I personally challenge Finland’s disgraceful family reunification obstacles?

I won’t. Why should I? For whom?

For other foreigners? But some abuse the laws. Not only some foreigners but some Finns too.

I paid, as a result, a high price for their ways.

Some foreigners live here for years, or maybe they just arrived, but they abuse the system very well.

I couldn’t bring my mama to Finland because of them. Should I stand up for those that abuse the system? No way.

These foreigners just sit in their homes and watch their satellite TV channels.  Why should I stand up for them? Tell me, why?

Why can’t some foreigners learn to speak the Finnish language? Why are they sick all their lives? Is it really that difficult for them to learn Finnish, or it is just a big lie?

You won’t learn to speak Finnish well if you don’t want to get a job. U need values, u need to move ur body and lose that extra weight. How long can a human sit at home??? Isn’t it boring?

I won’t stand up for them, never! Why don’t they stand up for themselves if they have problems??? Has this ever been asked by Migrant Tales?

Most foreigners worship the Finnish welfare system because they benefit from it. Some keep silent because they have no problems. They’ll lie and claim that ”I have a headache, i am sick, i can’t learn, no/one will give me work, no/one likes me.” They’ll abuse the system  while I try my honest best. What did I get for being honest??? Sad news on my mobile phone that my mama had passed away after waiting for years to move to Finland.

I have nothing to be proud of and nothing to be happy for. I don’t have any motivation for anything.

How many foreigners shared their problems with you? They didn’t because they don’t have any…They have a free home, free money, they don’t need to buy bus tickets with their own money, they don’t even need be worry about buying medicine, a doctor, their family…. they are living in the best way possible. So why shall i stand up for them???

They are my enemies out there like Finnish racists…they are like poison in my life because they are united with other racists who prevented my mother from living with me by my side…I won’t forget what they did to keep my mother and I separated for so many years.

I did not move to Finland because of money.

Why should I stand up for those who abuse the system?

Tell me why, MT?

I can’t stand up for those who do wrong.

Do u think it’s okay that they come to Finland and scam the system for their benefit while this sort of behavior strengthens a racist system that places me under a magnifying glass?

The only sin i have committed in this country is that i am a foreigner…

No/one sees me

i’m a ghost

no/one understands it

Those who may understand what I’m saying are those with a good heart.

Foreigners, immigrants, refugee and Finns what’s the difference?

Some people carry out crimes and are killers but no/one can see even one drop of blood on their hands or find a knife in their bags.

They killed my wishes,

Why did i have to wait for so long? After that long wait there was death.

Why? That’s the tragedy.

Yes am walking, writing, working and i’m still alive but do u really think i’m a living human being?

Yes, i write poems and compose music by connecting words but who says that I am alive?

i’m not alive because the life i lead is tougher than being dead

It’s so hard, hard, hard and heavy to carry this pain

I do not care if u put this message in ur garbage or don’t read it.

I just see me as an actor in a big tragic play and don’t know what i’m doing there.

In this 21st century, after 7 years of waiting, i lost my mama and cannot see her even i waited to for so long waiting for the racists to answer my pleas.

Both the foreigners who abuse the system and the racists are my enemies.

BOTH, BOTH, BOTH, BOTH of them and i wont ever forget them.

I don’t see any difference between them

Foreigners just come here and demand more and more and more and more.

Many of them aren’t aware that their bad example impacts me directly and my late mother.

I consider myself so, so, so rare in this country.

I have never seen a foreigner complain about this system.

Everybody tries to keep silent, hush-hush, no talk, silence.

Tell me how many foreigners came to Migrant Tales and told about their tragedy and their lives???

There is no problem for foreigners if they are not alone, if they have a family, if they came here 20, 15, 10 years ago or less.

Since they don’t have a hard time, they have each other, they don’t need to care about their social lives, about others and the law in Finland, which should support them until they die.

They won’t stand up for anyone’s rights because they have all the rights they want. Why do u think they would stand up for themselves?

If i had my family here i’d have no problems in standing up for myself.

I won’t stand up for the abusers… and all i have done on MT was very very wrong, I have helped my enemies.

Do you agree with me?

Even racists are very simple and they are a joke. They can see the facts around them and therefore I have been good prey for them.

To whom should i complain??? There is no/one.

Ombudsman is a joke, a joke.

human rights is a joke in Finland, in Europe.

There is no justice for me here

And on top of this i’m alone

I even can’t talk to anyone… i understand myself very well, i accept myself… after struggling a long time in this country a tragedy was my  grand prize.

I don’t understand why MT defends foreigners who have made my life miserable.

Even so, am sure your not my enemy but my real friends, and i love you MT.

I feel like the loneliest human in Finland. Yes alone but strong, u racists plus abusers could not break me, u just broke your history with your crimes and against me.

Woe on you, woe on you killers, who kill without a knife.


    Dana from my experience you dont have to blame foreigners who abuse the system or the rascist finn for making impossible for your mother to come to Finland.
    Blame the Finnish unfriendly immigration control system.
    There 100s of thousand of foreigner going to UK Canada US Italy Australia every year-do they abuse the system -yes madam- are more foreigners going to these countries every year-yes madam.
    There was two foriegners one living in Finland and the other Italy. The one living in Finland has a finnish passport, got a permanent job and own a house. The one living in Italy has a residence permit and a job. They applied to have their wives with them. Th one living in Finlands application was refused after waiting for nearly two years. He has to go to court to court of appeal. It took the one living in I taly just 3 months to have his wife.
    There is a man who lives in Finland who is well educated with a good job. He wanted her Mum to come to him he waited and waited and waited finally he was refused. He then asked another friend who lives in europe to invite his mother for him. The friend agreed and invited her. Within a month her mother is in europe. This woman now has a resident permit and is visiting her son anytime she want.
    Remember 9/11 was committed by moslem terrorists who killed over 3k people. Are moslems travelling to US- I read of 38% increase.Supposing it happened in Finland its probably going to be the end of moslems travelling here.

  2. Brave


    Stone from the sky
    Scream from the pain
    Trouble after trouble
    Tear after tear
    Whimper and misery
    Will follow killers
    Woe on them
    Woe on dark
    Law of crime will break
    Law of sin will die
    And i will see all of this with my eyes
    And the joy of my heart will laugh loud and clear
    I am waiting