Dana: Open racist wave

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Migrant Tales insight: After a year and six months I got an email from Dana, who has written many beautiful and powerful poems for us. I was delighted to hear from her after such a long time. Those who remember, the passing away of her parents in such a short time was a terrible blow for her. She had tried to bring them to Finland but due to our tight family reunification laws this wasn’t possible.

I’d like to personally welcome Dana back to our community. We look forward to reading many of her poems in the future.




Racist here racist there racist everywhere this is the danger… how can i leave this satanic circle?
How many racists are following me?… this is a big question i am not aware!!!

You are looking to solve a problem… you write, complain, it’s again lem
It’s tragedy’s doors that are closed… you are trying but you feel worse

What can i to do? how can i help?…I need a peaceful time but i have no chance!!!
Sad sad sad sad OHhhh no choice… here is Finland full of pain, sores

They ignore you with wind of hate…they make more attacks against you,you really shake
Insult after insult, day after day… you’re wasting your time this is their way

This is a game, they do like play a game…. open racist is a fearful name
They are blaming you blame and blame….they won’t help you adapt,this is a shame

Don’t make this gamble because you are alone… they are so proud, they don’t feel any wrong
They talk about you behind your back… they feel so happy, you are so sad

You try harder, you’re a fighter…they are full of hate, they are hunters
You’re asking about human rights?…they are laughing at you and they make it tight
They make it tight and give you a hard time…they are crowds, you’re only you

Your struggling like a soldier….they attack from the back, ouch my shoulder
You are complaining about these racists…to other racists they sting like bees
Who listens to you? they are cowards, they will not leave you to go forward

They wont accept you, but dont forget that….they are not friends but evil bats
How can they sleep with devil hearts?…how can they look at the mirror on walls? How can i explain so much pain? how can i believe in HOPE and RAIN?

How can i make beauty smile? how can i change war to peace and like?
No place in Finland for human rights….they are BULLYING us bit after bit

Day after day week after week…you can not escape this is so sick
Year after year, it’s not healthy… they drink your blood, they think worthy

Here parliament is a big joke…no matter how many seats, this is big shock
No one has feeling for your people…. they work for money this is real
No one will stand up for human rights…. no one is looking for moral thoughts
No one agrees with outsiders… they can’t understand your pain sisters
For foreigners , no one hands up….we are minority we are nameless
No one respects you brothers…. no one can see you, your in corners

They are in union against your rights….. Finland be careful open your eyes
Your feet will break like sticks…nothing can help you, listen and think
What you are doing will come back to haunt you… it’s the law of universe and very true

This is two thousand plus ten, five… 2015 these are hard times!!!