Dana: Ymmärrättekö Finland – wild culture, wild picture and wild future

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How long will I have to endure these racist attacks and hostile looks? And what’s wrong with being a foreigner in Finland anyway?

There are no rainbows here if there’s only one color: white. No matter how much you paint your society white, I’m alive and will always feel victorious before you.

I have never met a Finnish person who can discuss with me what is wrong with this country. If I open my mouth, I’m attacked, even if I talk freely and with an open mind.

In Finland I never seen people with different ideas. NO… I’ve only seen one thing, one idea. Yes, there r different groups, organizations, even in sick parliament there r different political parties, but they are all the same. There’s no difference between them. They think they’re different in their minds but they’re not. They cannot fool a human like me. The only party that doesn’t use  a MASK is the PS (Perussuomalaiset) because they are openly racist. That’s the only difference between them and other parties.

In don’t lead a normal life in Finland, but i should defend myself at all times in public, no? Those who attack me are everywhere and ready to abuse u and make u feel u r nothing except a slave.

That’s why u see foreigners in shops owned by foreigners, because even in shops racists can attack u; yes, even when i pay with cash and contribute taxes.

The racists always think they know everything and that u, a foreigner, don’t know anything, They give the image of being wise, but tell me why would a wise person attack you because of ur skin color???

One of the famous words and sentences that they use in Finland is:  Ymmärrättekö, do you understand?

They don’t, however, use this word not in a normal way. It’s used a very harsh, insulting, dry and wild way…..OH U R ALL WILD! Wild, cranky, nervous and full anger in your souls.

Yes i understand and i understand more than u, so much more than u but what about you? Can’t you see that I am a human being like you? Can’t you understand this, Finland? Ymmärrättekö?

I understand the racists well. You are a big percentage in Finland and anywhere u can imagine. You fight back by ignoring me; you cannot argue, discuss, you cannot even figure out a simple matter, u cannot talk in peace. I, a foreigner, make you tremble. Ur afraid of me. You yell back repeating rauha, rauha (calm down, calm down) but where’s your rauha??? How and why do you lose ur rauha when you see a foreigner? You cannot see that we foreigners are different, from different places, different cultures, and different families… you always treat us the same way… looks like you have problems in seeing people as individuals.

Finland can never be my home because it isn’t a safe country. Home is a safe place. It’s the most important thing, more important than food for a human.

You awaken the fighting spirit in me, my face turns red and my blood boils.

Ur racist behavior reveals how weak you are.