#cupofteawithme demonstration in Oulu, Finland, attacked with petrol bombs

by , under Enrique Tessieri

At 4:40am today a white car with three of four persons threw three petrol bombs at the tent where asylum seekers have been protesting since March. The police are investigating the incident. 

Seven days ago, on March 31, the demonstrators were forced to move from the city center to Torinranta, a worse location since there are fewer people and apparently more dangerous and prone to attacks.

The #cupofteawithme demonstration in Oulu started [on March 11] as a show of support to the #righttolife demonstration in Helsinki organized by Afghans, Iraqis and Finns.

“The people, especially the Lutheran church,  have supported us and been so good to us,” Ali Asaad Hasan, who has been involved with the demonstration in Oulu from day one, said recently.

The Iraqi asylum seeker said that today’s attack didn’t surprise him.

“Two days before this incident, a man came and sat near our tent and then kicked a barbecue grill where we warm our hands and disconnected the electricity cable,” Hasan said. “He then ran away but we caught him and called the police.”

One of the petrol bombs that didn’t work that was thrown at the tent. Fortunately, the fire was put out rapidly.

Mona Hyvärinen is one of the Finnish volunteers that helps the asylum seekers to organize their demonstration. She is unemployed and with the little money she has attempts to keep the protest afloat financially.

“I have helped as a volunteer children, the elderly and now asylum seekers because people are important to me,” she said. “We need support and money to buy gas cylinders, charcoal and even an electric generator. Any help in this respect would be highly appreciated.”

If you want to contribute some funds to the demonstration in Oulu, you can get in touch with the organizers through their closed Support Demo Oulu Facebook page

A flyer given by the demonstrators explaining in Finnish why they sough asylum in Finland.

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