Council of Europe: No hate speech movement

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This campaign, No hate Speech Movement, is long overdue and in great need. It’s a good matter that we are waking up to this menace even if politicians shamelessly play it down. The reason why hate speech exists is because we permit it. In Finland we have politicians who have been sentenced for hate speech. Some of them are Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Jussi Halla-aho, James Hirvisaari, Kotka city councilman Freddy Van Wonterghem and others. 

Hate speech has reached such epidemic proportions that their representatives sit in parliament and in city councils throughout the country.

If I were on television with some of these characters, I’d demand an apology for their insults and for promoting hate towards good people who live in this country. Understanding that this will not happen, I’d take the advice of a friend and tell them before leaving the show: “You are ugly and you smell. Look it up on Google.”

Another important way to challenge hate speech is to be part in this important campaign. I’d learn what is hate speech and vow never to remain silent again.

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Here’s the official video:


  1. D4R

    Anyone whose sensible should participate this movement. Hatespeech is destructive to people who just want to live their lives and who’re good people. Hatespeech is rampant these days, it’s getting more and more accepted by people like it’s a normal thing. Anyone who cares about his rights and others needs to stand up and participate.

    • Mark

      That’s because Finns are letting politicians tell them what their national ‘identity’ should be and pretending it’s not ‘political’.

    • Farang

      In free democratic country people should be free to express their hate. Therefore I am against restricting hate speech.

    • Mark


      In free democratic country people should be free to express their hate. Therefore I am against restricting hate speech.

      Fine, when it all goes pear-shaped, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    • PS voter

      I support being polite and I think things that are called hate speech are often impolite things. However, I don’t support big limitations against freedom of speech, although I agree that calls for violence or some other similar crimes should be illegal.

      However, I am not sure how honests this movement against hate speech really is (and I don’t mean to use this against you as if I have understood correctly, you aren’t practising Muslim) as it usually refuses to acknowledge and condemn the hate speech and violence against gays which is relatively common among Muslims.

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