Could the police tell us why stabbing a Pakistani 20-30 times does not qualify as a suspected hate crime?

by , under Enrique Tessieri

There are already some questions concerning the terrible stabbing of a Pakistani in the city of Vantaa on Friday night. One of these is why it took until Tuesday for the police to release a statement? 

Another matter is a quote in Tuesday’s Helsingin Sanomat detective chief inspector, Mikko Minkkinen, who was quoted as saying that it doesn’t believe it is a hate crime.

Fair enough. A Pakistani, who is a visible migrant gets asked for cigarettes by a group of people. Both don’t know each other but the victim ends up stabbed 20-30 times.

I’d be interested in knowing why the detective chief inspector doesn’t believe it was a suspected hate crime.



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  1. Light

    ***Mikko Minkinen, he is racist and he supports racism ***

    He has no brain in his head, no heart in his chest, no information about what is human and humanity, and he is a complete drunk racist police with a uniform which makes him bully a pakistani man who is on bed in hospital and on death line right now !

    He does believe a pakistani human being is not worthy to spend time on his case!
    20-30 times in nothing, not enough, nothing happened now, not important at all, no it was not hate crime.

    However torture, slaughter. terror attack is very normal in finnish society against foreigners , its nothing new, no surprise, why a drunk police should cares about it?

    And what he will say if something similar happens to one memebr of his family, or to a police ? will he say its not a hate crime?

    You a foreigner can not use RACISM and RACIST word in Finland, its forbidden, you will get a punishment quickly, even racists are every where and are very clear in face and act and behaviour, even Finland is a very very racist country, every where even on walls are hateful words against foreigners, but
    MIKKO MINKINEN does not believe 20-30 stab wounds , bloods on snow, a man on death line, a family under pressure, a shock 4 years old child are important, but he believes TERROR ATTACK against a pakistani man is legal and not hate crime, oh wait, stop, actually he is right, its a terror attack not a hate crime, terror attack which is coming from love !
    In Finland Love = knife and blood
    Its omething in finnish culture , something like welcome immigrants, welcome muslim, welcome foreigner, welcome we will accept you with knife !