CORRECTED: 45-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker allegedly attempted to take his life in Pieksämäki

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales has learned that a 45-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker* at the Pieksämäki reception center on Soiseläntie has allegedly attempted to take his life by locking himself in a room and setting it on fire Thursday evening. 

We reported earlier that “employees of the asylum reception center extinguished the fire department, and ambulance (see picture below). New information that we’ve received alleges that it was the asylum seekers who forced open the door and extinguished the fire.

“They forced opened the room where the person had locked himself in,” a source said. “The person who attempted to take his life was saved and taken to the hospital.”

The source said that one reason why the man attempted to take his life was because he was tired of waiting if he’d get asylum in Finland.

Helsingin Sanomat wrote about the fire but did not mention that the person had attempted to take his life.

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The picture, which was taken from an asylum seeker’s mobile phone in Pieksämäki, shows two police cars, an ambulance, fire department car and truck.

Migrant Tales reported two suicide cases in March that involved two asylum seekers in Helsinki.

*We reported incorrectly that the asylum seeker who attempted to take his life was over 60 years in an earlier story.