Contemporary Immigration in Greece: A sourcebook

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Dr. Theodoros Fouskas, a lecturer at the New York College, Greece, is editor together with Dr. Vassileios Tsevrenis of a comprehensive book on immigration in Greece. As some are already aware, Greece has seen a surge in xenophobia due to the great number of refugees that enter the country from outside Europe.  

Dr. Tsevrenis is a lawyer, special scientific collaborator at Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights (MFHR), and member of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation of Greek Parliament.

The book looks at the following matters:

  • Offers insights on immigration in Greece and Southern Europe highlighting its growing relevance for the worldwide discussion on migration and immigration policies
  • Combines policy, law, and qualitative and quantitative research, with theory
  • Develops arguments in relevance to the history and contemporary politics of immigration in Greece
  • Provides motivation and guide for future research in the area of immigration
  • Consists of interdisciplinary, international authorship
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