Coming out into an identity: gay, lesbian, pariah…

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By Enrique Tessieri

There is one line of a film review of Pariah on Colorlines that really caught me:  “The film hinges on the belief that there’s no one way to be young, or black, or queer. And while it’s a struggle to come into any identity, those fights are always punctuated by moments of resilience and triumph.”

That resilience and triumph that the author speaks of is when when we take that giant step and succeed at accepting who we are.

Even if accepting who we are may be easier said than done, society must help by being acceptant and even encouraging diversity.  Advancing the rights of one group has a positive ripple effect on the whole of society, especially on different minorities.

The greatest threat to societies like ours in Finland and elsewhere doesn’t come from abroad but from within. Attacking and undermining the rights of others and retarding their acceptance have an adverse  knock-on effect.

Since selective hatred is a myth promoted by far-right, populist right wing and anti-immigration groups  for political and personal profit, we should be especially alarmed by such groups and people that hold in such contempt the rights of others.

Contrary to what these groups want you to believe, you cannot control racism, hatred nor can you contain it to impact one group. Selective hatred affects everyone.


By promoting gay and other minority rights we are advancing the rights of everyone in our society.