Chicago Tribune: Muhammad Ali writes letter to people of Norway

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Comment: Mohammad Ali, the legendary USAmerican Muslim boxer, expressed his grief for the bombing and killings in Norway. Probably one of the reasons why the former boxer wrote the letter to grief-stricken Norway is because he grew up during a period of racism and Civil Rights unrest in the United States.

His message to those that want to divide people through their hatred was clear. He said that those who commit such acts like Anders Behring Breivik “fail to understand that we share far more with our fellow beings than those aspects that set us apart.”

Ali said that no one should fear multiculturalism. He said that each person no matter what their religion or ethnic background have the same ideals.


Muhammad Ali has expressed his sadness about the bombing and massacre in Norway.

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    • Enrique

      Hi Singaporean_in_Finland. Great to hear from you. Yes, Muhammad Ali was a great man and one of the best boxers around. Remember when he used the rope-a-dope on his opponents?

  1. Klay_Immigrant

    Yes what a great man.

    Only great men call their opponents (Joe Frasier) an ‘uncle Tom’ and an ‘ugly gorilla’ hitting a small black gorilla toy in the process. We all know what a white boxer would be labelled if used the same insults. Only great men are openly unfaithful to their wives. Only great men have said in interviews (Michael Parkinson) that they agree with the KKK in having complete segregation of the races in America. And only great men join an organisation (Nation of Islam) that are anti-Semetic and have exaggerated the role of Jews in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

    What great men are made of.

  2. Rasmus

    I think I agree with Klay. Additionally, boxing is a disgusting sport that promotes violence. The Swedes had the right idea with banning professional boxing, sadly a ban no longer in force.

  3. Singaporean_in_Finland

    @ Klay_Immigrant

    Only a truly great man will say and do all those things then fight against them after learning more and discovering the error of his ways. One can only hope that Halla-aho can come to the same point in his own life.