Che’s corner: Don’t turn into a racist!

by , under W. Che

There is a fine line that separates patriotism from racism. Patriotism is love and devotion to one’s country. A sense of patriotism is any affiliation to the homeland and to work for its best interests of its people. Every person cares for his home and does everything possible to live and enjoy a decent life with his family.

The home is like a miniature nation where its inhabitants share with other people of his community and nation the same interests and suffering, crises that impact the whole country.

The sense of belonging to a group, to its geographic location, caring for its people and its interests ensure a better life for all of its inhabitants. We run into problems when some of these “patriots” put their personal and political interests before the interests of its people and deny others fleeing war from having a home in a secure country. At this moment, these “patriots” hide their racism and their extremist political views behind the mask of nationalism. Some go as far as to proclaim themselves as God’s chosen people.

These people, who are nothing more than “chosen” racists, endanger the lives and interests of all of their countrymen. In 2015, we saw a refugee crisis that worried and concerned all of us. We, along with other patriots, seriously seek credible solutions to the challenge before us. In doing so we can never forget our humanity for others.

The violence and wars that these displaced refugees face outside our borders affect all humanity as a whole. It is wrong to deny them shelter in our country. There are better solutions to resolving this challenge than turning into a racist.