Center Party politician’s home attacked the third time in Helsinki

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Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein, a Center Party politician who hosts the Ali and Husu talk show on YLE, found a rude message at 4 am in the front of  his apartment building door: a shattered beer bottle. It’s not the first time his family has been targeted in such a manner at their Helsinki home. 

The police have questioned the suspect, who is Husu’s neighbor.

“This is the third time it’s happened and there seems to be a pattern,” he told Migrant Tales. “Somebody wrote ‘Binladen was here‘ on our door, the second time there was a drawing on my children’s bedroom window of a bomb that blew up and now this.”

Husu said he’s going to Canada for six weeks and is worried about his family’s safety.

Glass from a shattered beer bottle greeted Husu’s family at 4am. Source: Abdirahim Husu Hussein’s Facebook page.

It’s clear that such hostile behavior against a member of our society is unacceptable, especially if the motive was the person’s ethnic background.

Finland is slowly but surly standing up to the ogre of intolerance. A good recent example is the outcry of Swedish-speaking Finnish journalists who had received death threats by email. It’s common for university researchers, feminists and activists to receive death threats as well.

Migrant Tales has been the target of such threats as well.

The only way to deal with intolerance  is by challenging it head on. Justifying it with the help of lame excuses in order to do nothing is to encourage it to live another day.



This picture was taken in April.


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