W. Che

A second deportation attemp from Finland to Mauritania

The desperation and anguish in a woman’s voice are present as she pleads for help for her Mauritanian husband, 45,  who was deported on March 27. It was the second time that the police had tried to deport her husband after the first attempt, on March 19, on Turkish Airlines failed. 

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Migrant Tales insight: Swedish Daily News published an article on legal alternatives for negative asylum decisions in Finland

Anyone who has had a refusal to emigrate from Finland has the problem of not organizing his or her defense at the appeal stage of the Finnish courts. Unfortunately, many are getting their applications for asylum rejected by the court. It is important to obtain support and information on the closure of the asylum case in Finland after all stages of the judicial appeal are exhausted.

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Che’s corner: Don’t turn into a racist!

There is a fine line that separates patriotism from racism. Patriotism is love and devotion to one’s country. A sense of patriotism is any affiliation to the homeland and to work for its best interests of its people. Every person cares for his home and does everything possible to live and enjoy a decent life with his family.

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