Publication of the European Islamophobia Report 2018

Publication of the “European Islamophobia Report 2018” on the European week of action against Islamophobia 21st September is the European day of action against Islamophobia and religious intolerance.  This day makes echoes to the dramatic Christchurch terror attack on March 15, 2019 that made 51 dead, 49 injuries and shocked the international community. In order

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QUOTE OF THE DAY (Farhad Manjoo): White replacement fear-mongering are racist and misogynistic conspiracy theories

Parties like the Perussuomalaiset (PS) in Finland eagerly talk about how one of Europe’s whitest country’s will be taken over by people of color and become minorities. Writes Farhad Manjoo: “’The Great Replacement’ is a racist and misogynistic conspiracy theory that holds that white people face existential decline, even extinction, because of rising immigration in the West

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