Hussain Kazmenian

Two Afghan asylum seekers in Finland kicked out of their flat while at school

The reception center of Mänttä-Vilpula is closing at the end of 2020. All asylum seekers at the reception center were told that they will be relocating/ transferring to reception centers in other cities. Some of the asylum seekers are currently studying at Mänttä school and are permitted to stay and continue their studies in the

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Hussain Kazemian: A former Shia militia member seeks asylum in Finland

Migrant Tales insight: This story below, written by Hussain Kazemian, an Afghan living in Finland, was of a countryman called Sadr, 27, who spoke on condition of anonymity about his failed request for asylum in Finland. He got his first rejection from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) in spring 2016. Sadr appealed, but the administrative court  overturned

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